Dine O Round

posted on: 5.11.2009

I'm so lucky to have in laws that loving eating out as much as I do! With Mothers Day and the Dine O Round happening at the same time we decided to make a girls night and try the ever talked about Metropolitan restaurant. It was really good (a very chic atmosphere), and mainly just fun to be out with the girls! It was Dori's last night as a mother of 1. She had her 2nd baby boy the next morning!!
Congrats Dori and Brian!!
Pat, me and Dori (who doesn't even look pregnant here) Eve, Maddie, and Dru The presentation was by far the neatest part of the dining experience. The portions are small and dainty, and really beautiful. Everything was dainty except... the chocolate souffle, which was roughly the size of Dru's head! Thanks girls for always finding excuses to eat out:) It's by far the best perk of being a Horsley! Thanks Pat for being such a fun & generous Mother in Law, hope you had a great Mothers Day!


  1. Looks nummy...and when you see Maddie, tell her yippy for getting bangs. She looks so cute! It was great to see you. Let's for sure do the zoo!

  2. It was a delightful evening...I'm looking forward to another fun evening tonight at Miss Saigon!! I can't wait

  3. Hmm- there's something missing from that evening...


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