Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...

posted on: 4.10.2009

Today was bad. Nothing dramatic, just one of those days when nothing goes your way. I'm blaming it on waking up to rain clouds, but if I'm honest I think it might be more attributed to a little someone's far too many tantrums and time outs. A fun toddler class ended early because of time out. Lunch plans with Wyatt were cancelled because of more time outs. Getting eggs at the store was cut out because of crying. Riding bikes outside ended in tears (for an hour). Making dinner was extended far too long because of time out. Dying Easter eggs was postponed because dinner was extended far too long.
Today was the day of time outs. I know it comes with the age, I know Tate's not a bad girl, I love her to death and yada yada... but it's exhausting and I'm over it for today. I want my time out... hours & hours of uninterrupted time out.
In between the time outs and bouts of tears there was one good thing that came out of today... brownies! Baking is something that always seems to make me and Tate both happy. She's always up for helping, and is actually quite good at cracking an egg and stirring.
happy for the moment Okay, so you're cute, and I'm a sucker for that face.
stir it up! mmm... looks good
of course she learned this from me, it's the best part about baking!
a makeup kiss... at least for the next 5 minutes


  1. you're too cute, chels. love the honesty. hope today is better!


  2. oh dear chels. aren't these kids such stinkers at times! it's great birth control for me :) hope you have a better day today. it's friday.....so right there i think that makes today great.

  3. Chels,
    Thanks for your cute comment on my Slacker Mom post. We all have those terrible, Horrible days. And some people sugar coat life, and motherhood a little too much. There are Glorious days about 25% of the time but the other 75% are hard days of motherhood that nobody talks about. Here's to hoping this beautiful friday will fall into that 25% category for the both of us!

  4. Ahhh..i agree. Mitch took Finn to Disneyland all by himself yesterday and I had the whole day to myself! Just what I needed to re-coop. Its hard having to explain everything to these little ones these days - the days of just "saying so" are over! Boo hoo. :) She is adorable by the way!

  5. There's a reason they call it the terrible two's!! Have faith! Tate is adorable and will soon be her sunny, happy self again! In the meantime, remember...you are a great mom and distract, distract, distract!!:)

  6. Those kinds of days happen to the best of us. And there are many to be had with a 2 year-old. Hang in there.

    I love the kissy picture at the end. See, you're still best friends forever.

  7. I hear you, girl. I feel like my day was exactly like that yesterday. My favorite part of the post was the yada, yada. Made me laugh.

    And, I miss you!!! It's been forever since I've seen you. I went over to play group, but think I got there before everyone else and hadn't checked my email so I figured everyone decided to go to Wheeler Farm and I had to go to a wedding so I missed it . . . again. Lame. Let's be friends next week! xoxo

  8. Oh Chels, you are so not alone! Taedon is just coming into this stage and it is so hard, so hard for me not to yell b/c that is the only way I feel he gets it through his head sometimes! I just say, "oh you need some time don't you, so I'LL BE BACK, go ahead and take your time!" ;) Well just remember our Oprah episode...you gotta act like you're just a little crazy! LoL! Here's to better days! p.s. I'd be a sucker for that face too!

  9. Oh dear, I've been there done that. Like I said at playgroup, Harrison been on one of those cycles too. We're finally starting to come out of it. Whew! Hang in there...

  10. Tate is so cute Chels! But I know how you feel about the tantrums!!! I just keep hoping that Mckay will grow out of this tantrum throwing stage soon! I love her outfit. So when do you guys leave?

  11. I'm in for it then because I already want time outs! I hear ya though...some days are just hard! Love you both!

  12. i am so happy to see that you are going through this too. if they weren't so darn cute i don't know what we would do.

    tate is really the cutest little girl! the outfit, the nails, the hair...oh man!


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