making me happy...

posted on: 4.25.2009

  • getting these new puppies on ebay for $50 less than at Nordstrom (and experiencing the thrill of a last second bidding war with c**2)
  • a little sunburn on my neck
  • letting my hair airdry and getting the "you look sexy" response from Wyatt
  • lemon squares
  • pink tulips in my garden
  • sounds of the ice cream truck
  • a new bra (after 3 years!)
  • ray la montagne
  • the michael scott paper company & dunder mifflin merge
  • this show on national geographic
  • a rainy weekend


  1. So many of those things have made me happy the last few days too!!! Really the office was hilarious this week! We were dying! Let's get together next weekend.

  2. I'm with you on most of those...oh, how I wish I could wear the sunglasses! And the merger between the paper giants was great:) I, also, heard and loved ray la montaigne, love pink tulips and lemon squares!!I haven't watched that national geographic show...that's all I need, another reality show to DVR. Hope the week unfolds with more happy things!

  3. i need a new bra, too. where did you go? i love this list, are MY type of girl!

  4. So happy you found the glasses!!! Way to go -- is that how the bra came into the picture?? Do you still need me to burn that Ray Lamontagne cd? Love you.


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