Easter...a little late

posted on: 4.21.2009

Easter was great! We had lots of fun egg hunts, too much candy, and delicious family dinners.
The weekend started with the much anticipated neighborhood egg hunt... Wyatt tried to tell Tate to ditch the eggs with candy & go straight for the ones with money. She wasn't about that. All she wanted... all weekend... was more "cannnny"!
Since we weren't going to my parents for Easter dinner, we celebrated the night before at a very classy establishment- Five Guys! Funny, when we got there we noticed Ella, Gracie, and Tate were all wearing the same coats!
Later was time for dying eggs...
Tate was so wound up by now, pinching her face and laughing hysterically?!
easter morning...
Liking all the cool gifts she got, but LOVING the cannny even more!
I don't know why I think this picture is so funny, as if I really just wanted a picture of the Pinocchio case. I guess in her defense, I did tell her to show me her stuff.
to this she replied... cute simpsuit!!
This girl loves her some bubbles!
ps- Oh, I almost forgot. This was also the weekend that Tate said goodbye to her beloved binky. The Easter Bunny took it. A BIG deal for a 2 year old. I was so nervous and kept telling myself "this will be a hard week, she will be ornery, she will need lots of extra love". She proved me wrong by only crying for about 15 minutes for it the first night and then never saying a word about it again?! Over a week later, and it's yet to be an issue. Who woulda thought?


  1. love this easter post! tate just keeps getting cuter & cuter and i LOVE your hair!

  2. That's what I'm talking about!!! Bring on the pics of our taters!! She looks so old...it kind of makes me sad... And I love the delicate pinky hold she's using on Pinocchio (or wiliolio:)! So cute!! And I TOTALLY get the candy fixation(cadbury mini eggs!!!)

  3. Cute easter pics! I loved her cute tulip easter basket. It was fun to see you guys at the zoo today!

  4. Cute Easter Post! Did I ever tell you that I think Tate's bangs are the cutest!

  5. i'm totally not biased, but she really is the most beautiful little girl. i'm just in amazement of her every time i see her. you've got a heart breaker on your hands! love that she's doing well without the binky! what a champ! all i keep thinking about is her running around in erin and nate's basement during 24 saying "scary" with a huge smile on her face.

  6. Can she be ay more adorable? Love it!

  7. So cute! Maile is obsessed with bubbles right now. Problem is she wants to do everything herself! I'm glad the binky wasn't too tragic to take away. I have to get rid of Maile's bottle soon...any ideas? :)

  8. that's so lucky!! i'm so nervous to get rid of Winston's binki...he loves it.


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