Am I crazy?

posted on: 4.30.2009

I'm starting to feel like I'm not with it, when it comes to fashion at least. Occasionally I'll check out the Sartorialist Blog. He takes photos of random people on the street who he thinks look great (and he has a LOT of experience in high fashion). Most of his photos are pretty inspiring, weird and not practical, but still neat.
But this girl... really? Tell me how she made the cut? I think this is one of the most atrocious outfits that's ever been put together. Just because under all her boyfriends dirty shirts she threw on some chic black skinny jeans does not make it "fashionable". It's not artistic, or beautiful, it's just ugly. I think it's the mens suit coat that's really killing it for me.
No offense if anyone has this outfit.
Am I crazy, or is this look really "in"?


  1. So funny that you brought this up...I was having the same kind of thoughts, but about some of the rooms shown on Design Sponge! How come they are so great? It looks like a random collection of furniture, with not alot of design going on. It's interesting how you can start to doubt your own style etc, just because someone else says this is what's stylish! I guess it's just subjective, but I for one am going to pay more attention to how I'm being influenced! Sorry, long rant to simple question...and no, I don't love her outfit either!

  2. If you're not "with it" according to fashion, I'm seriously struggling. But, I agree: what is with that get-up? Cute jeans, but that's about it. Gross.

  3. I guess I'll take back my outfit I just bought!


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