posted on: 3.28.2009

So, you all know we're moving (I promise this won't be another post about my feelings:)
With this news though, come's the question "what am I going to do with my silly little business"? Well, for now I will continue to sell my clips at boutiques, and of course fill all your personal orders as usual. What will change is... I will no longer be buying more product, or creating new designs. For you, that means if you see something you like, order it now! It may not be available much longer.
I will only continue to make clips, as long as my materials last. Of course come August... this fun little Tatertot business will be indefinitely put on "hold" until I move back:(
This creative opportunity has been SO great to me... and for me! I've loved letting my creative juices flow, and helping your little ones to be even cuter. I can't express enough how grateful I am for all the support and encouragement I've receieved.
Thank you so much for your support!
ps- stay tuned for details about something really cool that's in the works. It'll be my last little creative hoorah before the big move... and a great way to score more tatertots!
pps- don't forget that I also have tons of fabric that isn't featured on my blog. So, if you can't find the exact colors you're looking for just email me, and I'm sure I can find something that will work!


  1. Chels! I need some with feathers. I totally forgot to order those. So if you are in the mood to do feathers, let me know!! Maybe when some of my matilda jane clothes come in, we can make one with feathers to match a top!

  2. Well shoot... you better be back before I have that baby girl that is waiting for me someday. I won't accept any other answer than that'll you be back b/c your clips are my favorite!

  3. Chels, I want some tater tots. Will you email me because I don't have yours... camiwarner@gmail.com

  4. hey chelsea... so i never ever ever came by and got the big felt flowers from you??? do you still have them... sorry i am a big slacker... so if you do... can i still buy them from you maybe this week???? i am in need of some... thanks let me know...

  5. chels...i need to have you make some more tatertots for cecily for sure. They are all she wears and we will have to stock up so she can be stylish while you are living away! i will email you. i'll be home in a few weeks so i can pick them. xo

  6. Hi Chelsea,
    it's Miche Barbosa...long time no see. I was just passing by and am so happy to see you guys are taking the plunge and moving!! what an adventure you have ahead of you! I am so happy for you and wish you and Wyatt all the best! Hope to see you around before you go. :)

  7. What a fun creative outlet you've had. I'm sure you'll be able to dive right back into another creative adventure.


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