posted on: 3.23.2009

oh my! 7 girls roaming free in New York City... need I say more?
The highlights for me were...
1} fresh flower stands
2} the abc carpet & home store honestly, this store changed my life! It is the most beautiful, most inspiring place to spend your time. I could have spent all day there.... and a lot of money! 3} the subway adventures
okay... so this was NOT so much fun. But the 2 1/2 hour trek to our hotel from jfk was something to remember!
4} daily bakery stops
5} celebrity spotting!
oh yes, this is Keri Russell from behind. And yes, Pat did drop all of her stuff on the sidewalk to chase her down 3 blocks. Of course we all followed too!
6} shopping in soho
(if you are a man... please read this!)
7} the guggenheim
8} the food
of course eating was a huge part of our trip and something we didn't take lightly:) Our first stop- Shake Shack
The Burger Joint - fabulous, depsite the onry staff
Hampton Chutney
The Mercer Kitchen
a really good pizza place?
Shake Shack again
Celeste's... but don't call it that. It must be said Cheleste', as the fooda is personally importeda froma Sardinia!! (and the waiters look like a certain Jason someone:)
9} after Celeste's
there was something in that food from Sardinia! As you can see, we were all a bit hyper on the sidewalks after dinner. Who needs alcohol when you've got 7 girls freshly fed?!
Some other great things about this trip were:
- the Horsley's experiencing my personal temperature issues... more than once I broke out into my heat flashes. A classic Chelsea thing, if you know me well!
- Dori having "a moment" on the sidewalk after Celeste's
- my new Jonathan Adler needlepoint glasses case (even though I can never show my face in that store again, as it was the location of my first & worst heat flash on the trip!)
- Dean and Deluca
- soaking tired feet in the tub with Dru
- navigating our way, and sometimes with all our luggage, through the subway system
- Dori cursing her way through the subway gate with her suitcase
- staying up until 2am
- watching Erin shop... now that's a big deal:)!
- strolling the Upper West Side and being shocked by how every stroller was being pushed by a nanny.
- Fox & Fawn... this store was a whole experience in itself!
Thanks so much Pat. I'm so glad I have a mother in law and 6 sisters in law that I love and have such a blast with!


  1. What!!!!! You never mentioned that you just got back from this fabulous trip to NYC! How fun! Oh how I would love to experience that place! Looks like you guys had a blast! It was so fun to be with you guys the other night. We need to not let time go so long in between.

  2. So many fabulous things to comment on that I'll just to have to pick a few:

    1- That ABC carpet and home store is amazing. I want to fly to NYC tomorrow and spend the week THERE! Dreamy.

    2- I never knew you got hot flashes?! We must chat about this.

    3- Food makes my mouth water

    4- I'm jealous and more jealous

    5- Keri Russell chase-down = the best

    So glad you had a fun break.


  3. The best trip in the world!! Seriously, your hot flashes. So funny. One of my favorite moments was when Dori got stuck with her bag trying to get on the subway. Good times! We definitely need to do it again. NY wouldn't be that long of a trip from Dominica right??
    p.s. it looks like you got those pictures off my you still want me to email them to you? I totally can. Let me know :)

  4. OOOHHHH I'm so jealous I love N.Y. It looks like you guys had a blast, how fun to have such great in-laws. Looks like you guys got a lot of great shopping in, another reason N.Y. should be visited with the ladies (ha ha ha!)

  5. i am so jealous! it looks like such a blast. and i would also just like to nominate you all for "best dressed family EVER" where might i do that??

  6. Sounds like so much fun. Good thing you got to do something like this before you take off on your adventure with your family. And I am in love with that ABC store. I think I need to take a trip out to NY to see it for myself!

  7. Looks like you had fun! I love New York!

  8. Looks like it was a blast!!

  9. P.S. I'm due to enjoy a Chelsea Hot Flash... and soon!! xo

  10. Looks like a low of fun. I love NYC and can't wait to get's only a trip to St. George away from my house, but somehow I haven't found the time!! Glad you had a great trip!

  11. looks like you had sooo much fun! if i could call that my home away from home... i would for sure... hands down!

  12. Gotta love New York! Don't you wish you had a million dollars just to splurge on stuff when you go there? I sure do!

  13. Chels...I never got to see the hot flashes up close and personal. And I totally missed Keri Russell. I'm feeling a little jipped about this trip now. Except...oh wait...I did do the most shopping. So there- I win.

  14. Thank you for pronouncing Celeste correctly.. I am going to update my FB status right now to let the world know how it is pronounced.. It is so funny because as you know I frequent the restaurant and know the owner and his staff so the fact that my friends still question the way I prounounce it just drives me crazy! It was so fun to see all of you cute girls. I loved it!! Come back anytime!


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