making me happy...

posted on: 3.02.2009

being a mom...
to this darling girl
organizing our laundry/mud/tool/craft room... all with help from Orla Kiely
getting these fun "owie" dolls for Tate in the mail - you freeze them and then use them for comfort. So far they've worked like a gem for scrapes, bumps, and everything else Tate decides is an owie.
spending a weekend afternoon like this... baking cookies, while drinking a fresh diet coke, while reading the new Us... all while awaiting calls on my new cell:)! It doesn't get much better than that.
(I promise I didn't even stage this picture... my life really is this good:)
also making me happy...
the all too exciting anticipation for 2 hours of 24 AND The Bachelor Finale tonight!
lower numbers on the scale:)
having breakfast for dinner last night- courtesy of Brooke
waking up to my back being tickled
the end of February


  1. amen to this post! you are my soul sister. you like everything i like, i swear.

    and i would KILL for an afternoon like that! i am so done with working all day, everyday. bring on some afternoons at home, please!! (this is me speaking to my uterus...can you tell?) ;)

    oh, and i texted you on your new cell. did you get it? i was just so excited for you, i couldn't resist. and i am OVER 24, but can't wait for bachelor! go melissa!

  2. I am in love with that picture of you and Tate. You're stunning. And, I'm salivating over your cookies. I seriously might make me some chocolate chip cookies tonight after seeing your visual.

    I'll tell you what's making ME happy these days is all of your decor help and the hope of more in the future! Bless you a million times over. I'm already happier in my house.

    p.s. cutest boxes and "owie" healer. So cute!!

  3. I'm not going to lie that is for sure a perfect afternoon. What do you think about the bachelor? I was peeing my pants at the after show...what a weird way to end!

  4. Cute post :) And I love those "owie" dolls, what a great idea!

  5. You and Tate are adorable! I saw your cookies and it makes me want to bake some today! Aren't days like that the best?!

  6. Chels, the bachelor! I think I am still in shock over the entire thing. I can't wait for tonights show. I think the show last night was taped back in like January and that's really why there wasn't any audience. Tonights, from what I've heard, is recent. Oh what great drama. I totally have to agree I was so bummed when he let Jillian go but happy for her that she wasn't apart of the whole mess. I hope she is the next bachelorett. This is really long and I probably should email you or better yet call you on your new cell but it's already written so oh well!
    You and Tate look darling. You need to frame that picture. And your cookies I'm salivating just looking at them. You have the nak for baking yummy yummy yummy chocolate chip cookies. We really need to get together. Maybe this weekend?

  7. i absolutely love that picture of tate!! i can't get enough of her. um we need to chat. good thing we have lunch tomorrow :)

  8. It is all good....yummy cookies, even yummier little girl,darling organized laundry room and the bachelor!! Life is good!

  9. You are one lucky mama. ...Love the picture of you and Tate!

  10. I miss you! I will give that cell a try tomorrow. Hope you're around. xoxox

  11. Chelsea, you are beautiful, absolutely beautiful!! And Ms.Tate is taking right after you! Along w/ your outside beauty, your spirit is more radiating! I'm so glad to know you! I can't wait till I have a girl so I can come to you with all my answers!

  12. Thank you for this post Chels! It's always great to have a reminder to pay attention to the simple things in life that make you happy.
    PS couldn't help but notice you said, lower numbers on the scale... I was thinking your face was lookin skinny minny in the top picture there. Congrats! You're so gorgeous.

  13. Two beautiful girls. Great shot of you and Taters! Tell her Ucca misses her!


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