in the eyes of my 2 year old...

posted on: 4.01.2009

This is what flowers look like
pointilism ... what a genius!
These are "airplanes" she says. Of course they are.
... and snakes!?
This is "getting dressed for the day".
Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I'll tell her to go get dressed herself. It's so funny to see what she thinks that means. Even though it was 50 degrees outside, she wanted to wear her snow boots, hat (on sideways of course)... and pj's!
I love you Tate!


  1. She is so talented. Love her outfit! Love Tate!

  2. I can kinda see the snakes though... Looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree in the fashion department friend! She, like her mama, has some fantastic personal style. Darling little fashionista! Ours need to meet one of these days.

  3. The cutest picture of her I think I've ever seen


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