What has Tate been up to?

posted on: 2.18.2009

Lots of play time with daddy.
Almost every night Tate and Wyatt play on the bed... which consists of her being chucked in the air and falling down onto our bed. It's so funny to watch her little body flail up and then crash down, and then hear her giggle uncontrollably after!
crash! She loves it!
She's also loves... her cousin Cole! Every Sunday when we see him Tate just follows him around. He's so nice to wait up for her, share his snake, and play with her. He's the closest to her age on the Horsley side, and she let's it known that they ARE friends... whether Cole likes it or not:)
She also loves... being dramatic!
Although this picture is quite crusty, it's one of my all time favorites! I just think it's so hilarious sometimes when she's onry. The faces she pulls are priceless and she tries SO hard to be mad. Luckily she snaps out of it in record time. She can be crying mad, and then 10 seconds later laughing histerically- you never really know what side of Tate you're going to get!
Some funny things she's said and done lately...
-naming her baby Cici (which is actually really cute I think)
- we must now take all 3 babies in the infant carrier w/us EVERYWHERE
- saying "oh my gosh!"
- being completely independent and not allowing help for anything. Cute & not so cute sometimes:)
- jumping and running. Sound weird, like every kid does this. But truly, this girl could jump and run around the house all day!
- making sure all things are clean- mostly herself. She gets really annoyed when her hands or face are dirty, or if she see's even the tiniest crumb. She'll often be found wiping up the floor, the couch, the chair, the bed, the wall, her shoes... everything!
- when she's not doing that, she'll most likely be asking to watch "Emo", aka Nemo. Her obsession with this movie will go down in history!


  1. Okay the crusty picture is cracking me up. And the OCD cleaning...well she never had a chance. She gets that from both you and Wy. :)

  2. That face is priceless. I love that picture so much. And, I'm so glad you documented the nightly ritual of crashing to the bed. Thank heavens for Dads.

  3. Ha ha cute Wyatt and Tate. Honestly, that picture of Tate and Cole and the crusty picture are classic!!

  4. She is so cute Chels! It was so fun to see you guys at Jungle Jims the other evening. Tate kills me. She is Wyatt through and through...I love it! That is so funny she is obsessed with having things clean. Hopefully she hangs onto that.

  5. i think wyatt is the most adorable father ever! what a lucky girl tate is to have two of the most wonderful parents. she's such a hoot! that crusty pic is priceless!!

  6. i feel like i should comment because i found your blog off of my sisters and I find that I keep coming back to see what cute thing you've put up! i hope you don't mind!

    i'm a huge fan of the tater tot's, my friend here in kentucky has twin girls who had helmets also' she was bummed that she didn't know about them sooner!

    p.s. this is Tiffany, I'm chelsea logan's sister...

  7. wyatt is such a cute dad. i love the little naughty face too!


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