posted on: 2.24.2009

I love quiz's, and I love design, so naturally this site was right up my alley. I think it's hard sometimes to pinpoint my personal design style, because it changes a lot & it's really ecclectic. But, Sproost seemed to get it right.
I'm equal parts Vintage Modern & French Ecclectic
w/ a bit of Nantucket
Sounds good to me!


  1. so fun. love that website. thanks for introducing me! i am going to have jason check it out. I am 50% rustic revival, 25% contemporary and 25% vintage modern!

  2. That was a fun little quiz. I was quite similar to you - 44% vintage modern, 44% french eclectic and 12% modern elegance. Too bad my house doesn't reflect that. Let the project begin! :) Thanks for the fun site.

  3. that was fun!! i could do quizzes like that all day! i was french eclectic, classic and nantucket. i already want to redecorate my house! it'll be fun to do that one day when it's not all about finding the best bargain.

  4. K I love this website...thanks for introducing me to it. I already have about 10 things on my wishlist from it. :)
    p.s. I'm 36% contemporary
    36% classic
    28% nantucket

  5. Love this site, except I keep retaking the quiz cause I didn't like the outcome. Does that mean I'm in denial or confused? Oh well, I still loved it!

  6. So thanks for introducing me to this site. I've taken the quiz 5 times and Tess has taken it 3. I am clearly Nantucket (get that one every time) with small parts Rustic Revival, Cottage Chic and French Eclectic. Tess is everything considering that with each new page she says, "Oooohh I love that one!" Okay except the ones with Buddha statues. :)

  7. Okay- sounds good to me too. Just come decorate my house when you have that all figured out...


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