not so good, bad, worse, terrible day!

posted on: 2.21.2009

- my tire blew out on the freeway- yes, really

- i don't have a cell phone to call for help- shoot.

- i definitely don't know how to change a tire (sorry dad)

- i have to flag someone down. so embarrassing (please pray i never have to do that again)

- tate is getting anxious in the car (did I mention she also has pneumonia?)

- tate is ready for her nap and it's almost an hour past lunchtime

- i have no lunch for her in the car. shooooooot

- my mom and friend come to help change my tire... things are looking up

- tire is fixed and I can continue my plans for the day

- oh, my car won't start now. why is this happening to me???!!!!!!

- my mom has to leave for work. i am stranded again

- at least she leaves her cell phone. i call Wyatt to rescue us

- he comes, but is a good 25 minutes away and has to stop to buy jumper cables

- 2 hours has already gone by

- tate still has had no nap and no food

- i literally start feeding her crumbs

- wyatt comes.... yes! maybe my whole afternoon won't be wasted

- hmmm... car still won't start. nooooooo!!!!!!!

- i am getting hungry now

- oh, perfect- tate poops and of course... i'm out of diapers

- my car fills up with the stench and i think i might throw up

- Wyatt calls a tow truck and we wait.... - and wait

- 45 minutes later they come and we drop $70 to get it towed 10 blocks

so so glad this lame day is over!


  1. Oh my word you guys have the worst luck with cars. That sounds MISERABLE. I'm glad it's over too.

  2. Shoot is right! Sorry Chels! You know I know the schedule thing too... @ least it's Saturday now & you can get back to a "normal" day!

  3. Oh you poor thing. That is horrible! Really truely when things couldn't have gotten worse they did. I hope things are okay now. I hope all is okay with your car. Poor little Tate too that she has pneumonia. That isn't fun in of itself.

  4. OH no! I am so sorry. I hate days like that. Seriously, especially with kids. It makes the anxiety so much worse. At least you were safe and nothing bad happened when your tire blew. I hope you have had a better day. love ya!

  5. OK honey. It's time for a cell phone. That's too scary. And, Tate has pneumonia?!! Awful! I'm so sorry for the day from hell.

    At least it's Oscar night tomorrow. Can't wait to compare takes! xoxo

  6. What a horrible day! It always seems to pour when it rains! It's so fun to see what you've been up to. Tate is the most adorable little girl I've ever seen! And you are still the most crafty creative person I know. Please teach me ;-) btw...were at the sandy century 16 theaters on saturday night? I thought I saw you from far away.

  7. So annoying!! This is one of the only situations that a cell phone is necessary. I'm sorry Chels- that sounds AWFUL!!

  8. Oh bless your heart! I'm so glad you have a phone now!


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