My Valentine

posted on: 2.16.2009

I love that Valentine's Day fell on a weekend this year. It made for all sorts of fun! The love fest started on Friday morning when Wyatt, already half way to work, decided to turn around, come back home, and take me and Tate to breakfast. How cute is that? I was even in the middle of making eggs when he walked in, and he told me to just throw them away (Wyatt does NOT waste food)! A great way to start the day.
We don't go too big for this holiday. We just want a nice night out together. But, we always do cards and usually a small surprise. I was greeted that evening by the lovely (and super classy) card you see above, and some fabulous brownies! Wanting to switch up his usual creative handmade or letterpress card, Wyatt decided to buy the MOST hideous cheesy card he could find. Pretty sure he succeeded. I threw up a bit when I saw it- in a good way though:)
I, for lack of a better idea, decided to combine his Banana Cream treat with my thoughts. That's the good thing about boys though, they really just don't care. He mainly just wanted what was inside anyway.
Dinner that night was at Faustina's, which was divine.
Because he's the cutest husband in the world, we went Ice Skating after at the Gallivan Center. His idea... cute, right?! It was really fun. I suck, and Wyatt's actually really good!
Thanks for such a fun night Wy, I love you!


  1. I am laughing right now because I read your "first reason" why you love Wyatt, and I can highly relate! He is so thoughtful. Glad you guys had a good holiday weekend.

  2. Who wants to brush their teeth with the lingering smell of poop? What a classy guy. You guys are so dang cute!

  3. Chels you are too funny! I love your I love you because...! What a cute night! Gotta love valentines. Makes for a great date night. Happy Late Valentines!

  4. beautiful chelsea:

    i think you should print, blow up & frame that picture of you & wyatt at dinner, because you are an absolute 10 knockout! look at your perfect hair, makeup, smile...and that red dress! perfect for the occasion. you are my style icon. (i know i am going on & on, but that was my reaction, so i am being honest here).

    glad you guys had a good vday. and he turned around to take you to breaky? so romantic.

    ps. the place is 'golden phoenix' on state street & about 9th south. delicious walnut shrimp!

  5. You are such a sweet couple. I love the "reallness"

  6. Oh my gosh Wy- I'm so glad that card was a joke. I saw the picture and thought in my head "I bet Chelsea secretly thought that card was quite ugly" Wyatt always had good taste, I can't believe I doubted his skills so much. It looks like you guys had a fun night!

  7. Ok, you are officially the cutest couple!! And Wyatt..who knew he had that romantic streak in him!! I think it's the new facial hair! Love you guys!

  8. Fun is my favorite holiday for reasons like this. You two are too cute!

  9. How cute are you guys? What a fun date night. We need to all get together again. I need another girls night and I'm afraid that they won't happen without Melissa around to plan them. Who can we get to be the new planner?

  10. Ok - the halfway to work/turn around and take my girls to bfast is the best Valentine of all. I love that. And, I need more details on Faustina. I've wanted to go forever and since I think you and me have twinner tastebuds, I'm now sure I'd love it.

    p.s. embarrassing that I'm totally the girl that buys the overly cheesy Valentine's cards. I shouldn't admit it, but it's true. I'm a sucker for the cheesy cards.

  11. oh my goodness, you are a peach for inviting me...i am totally dying to see that movie & would LOVE to go see it with some girls (chick flicks aren't as much fun with husbands, am i right?)

    i would totally be the completely RANDOM invite that nobody (besides you) knows, but...

    who is going? seriously, i would probably only know you. and annie (if she comes).

    and ps: i say that same thing to g all the time. i feel ya.


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