Much better

posted on: 2.22.2009

My weekend was much better. We vegged on the couch & rented this on Friday night. We both liked it a lot, despite the fact that it made me sad we can't travel more. We had a fun swimming party for our nephew Cole on Saturday (pictures to come), followed by a late night showing of Slumdog Millionaire- the real cherry on top! What a fantastic movie. We both loved it & can't wait to see it dominate the Oscars tonight:)
Happy Oscar watching!


  1. isn't it AMAZING!! we have already seen it & both want to go again. everyone needs to see that movie.

    chels, thanks so much again for the invite to movie night & i am sorry i couldn't make it. my mom invited me to dinner, since g is gone thursday's & i ended up staying late.

    i really want to see you though, invite me next time (again), k? and our house is up in the avenues & you know you are more than welcome anytime.


  2. Love that movie. I just want to steal the mini Jamal and keep him forever. He is the cutest thing in the world. And yes, it dominated the Oscars. Yeah!

    See you tomorrow for music!

  3. i'm glad you had such a good weekend after such a lame day of car troubles. that's awful!! i swear you need to get a phone just for emergencies. that's just too scary!


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