Frugal Schmugal

posted on: 2.05.2009

Anyone else get the hilarious email from Anthropologie today? I was excited, as it read... "Frugal never looked so fine". Intrigued, I clicked onto the site to see this shirt was featured as their "pocket pleaser".

It's just a mere 78 dollars. Wow, what a steal! A whole T- shirt for just $80!

Of course, I love love love this store and I do shop there often... but I KNOW going in that I'm not getting a steal, nothing about it is frugal, and it's yet to please any of my pockets (that I'm aware of). I have to prepare myself when I walk in with $100 to spend that I'll get to walk away with one item. It's usually the cutest, neatest, most adorable thing I've ever seen, but it's always just one thing. To me, a pocket pleaser has to be less than $20. I think they should just stick to admitting they are expensive. It hasn't seemed to hurt their business in the past.


  1. Ha, you're cracking me up. You should e-mail this post to their marketing department.

    Not that I know how or if they would even care. But the past marketer in me is screaming, "Do they even know their own brand?" Frugal, is not in the description.

    Oh ya, love their stuff too.

  2. Great point! I love that place!
    It's not like they don't already have a following of women drooling over every item. I want that store for my whole closet!

  3. I hilarious was that email?!?! But darn it, I still love that place!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by today. The flowers are beautiful and you are so thoughtful. I really appreciate you and will keep you updated if I learn anything tomorrow.

  5. Seriously, Anthro. Who do you think you're kidding? At least it made for a great post. You really should work for their Marketing team.

  6. Love that store, but I can only get something there when someone who loves me enough gets me a gift certificate! But I am addicted to them. They are so so so expensive and that makes me sad. If i could afford it, i would buy every item of clothing from there!

  7. Amen Chels! Well said. =) I agree 100%

  8. I loved this and really had a good laugh so... thank you! I just can't wait till I shop there and be like, oh you want how much for a dress, oh that's fine b/c I'm a millionaire suckers! Please day come soon!

  9. Hehe. I love that we're all thinkin' the same thing. And yet, we continue to go back.

    Sure miss that discount. Don't you? :)

  10. it's almost like an insult, isn't it?? frugal is $80??? then there isn't even a word for what kind of shopper/budgiter i am, because i literally CANNOT REMEMBER the last time i spent $80 on a blouse.

    you crack me up!


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