posted on: 1.01.2009

goodbye 08... hello 09

goodbye to wondering and waiting... hello to relief

goodbye to long hair... hello to 1/2 hr. cut off my morning rountine

goodbye to my 1 year old... hello 2 (hopefully not terrible)

goodbye single sister in laws... hello tyler and matt

goodbye to heather and shan... hello heather, shan and lucca

goodbye beautiful wonderful charming house... hello apartment (and depression:)

goodbye crappy camera... hello canon

goodbye clean shaven wyatt... hello hottie!

goodbye to rocks... hello dolls dolls and more dolls
goodbye white... hello wheat

goodbye unfunctioning hottub on driveway... hello unfunctioning hottub on back porch

goodbye to binky... hello to actually understanding what tate's saying

goodbye mountains... hello beach

goodbye pig tails... hello sassy bob
goodbye neutral life... hello color
goodbye 2008... welcome 2009!


  1. Fun post! You're so cute! What does goodbye to 1, hello to 2 mean????

  2. Cute Chels! Always so clever!

  3. I know that "goodbye to 1, hello to 2, refers to Tate's birthday, COULD mean something else:), maybe a little later in 2009?!(she said as a sweet, but kind of annoying, persistent grandma)

  4. You are so cute! SLC won't be the same without you! I'm gonna miss the crap out of your butt! Love ya & Happy New Year!

  5. Hot tub????? Are you holding out on us. HA HA! Loved that post. So cute and Ty was telling us all about your new camera. I am glad you have one now!

  6. Love how creative and simple this is written. I want to do one too. I may need your help =)

  7. Ha Ha Ha... this "Steve" comment is your BFF Cassandra Anne... I think my bro in-law is already logged in and it's posting his name instead of mine. ;) We missed you at din din tonight! Feel better Wy!


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