A good time was had by all

posted on: 1.04.2009

I, like many of you, am completely overwhelmed by how many Christmas pictures I took. It's an interesting thing with a kid, you want to capture each and every exciting thing that happens... just to make sure you NEVER forget how wonderful it was. So, I did and here are some of my favorites from this season. We'll start with Christmas Eve... Christmas Eve at my parents house has always been something I look forward to. With the whole extended family together it turns into quite the party! Nice dinner and dessert, chatting, the annual game of charades, opening pj's, and reading the Polar Express makes for a really fun night! The highlight of this year's Charades game was hands down Shan's interpretation of "lively". It's one of those things that can't be described, only witnessed first hand. But, let me say this- that man can boogy!
2 crazy kids... up way too late!
Christmas pj's and also Tate's first nightgown. She thinks it's pretty spiffy.
This picture pretty much sums up how the night went for the kids.
My cute cousins Max and Eli (who I used to babysit), are now Tate's new best friends!
My cute Uncle Devon and cousin Brit- we were joking that this picture looks like he's sitting with his new hot trophy wife!
My poor mom cannot do anything alone. It doesn't matter if she's cooking, chatting, reading, or going to the bathroom- Tate has got to be with her at all times!


  1. Wow it looks like you guys had quite the Christmas, it was so fun to see all the fun things you guys did! I love Tate's kitchen, I was tempted to buy it for Lydia and save it until next year, it is the cutest thing ever!

  2. kay i honestly LOVE tate's christmas eve outfit. that is too darling! you better document tate's first dance class today! i can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. I love Tate's dress. She is so adorable.

  4. I love you. Thank you for all the great suggestions. I really really love them and am going to use them all! I may be calling you as I'm trying to organize to get some additional tips.


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