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posted on: 1.13.2009

Some pretty funny things Tate has said lately....
-Wyatt and Tate are playing in her bedroom, he stands up to leave and get something and Tate says... "Dad?"
yes Tate
"Sit down!"
-After leaving dance this morning with Tate in tears (she's not liking it) I ask her if she wants to go back next week.... she shakes her head and responds " I don't want it". It acutally sounds more like " i da wanh it".
-From hearing all of us, Tate has started calling her Grandma Horsley just by her first name- Pat (which is funny in & of itself). But the last week or so she's also started asking a lot for Rolfe or "Grandpa Pat" as she now calls him!


  1. Cute Tate! David used to call my parents "grandpa and grandpa." And don't worry about the dance class. Most girls don't like their first one. She'll probably love it in a year or two.

  2. I am sad she is not liking dance. Next week for sure we'll get treats after. I figured out why London threw up. She did it in Nov one the last night I gave her the senokot crap! I guess it makes her puke. Oh well. She isn't even sick! I guess I want my daughter to be bulimic!

  3. Oh Chels the part about her crying about dance is so cute! I can picture you walking out with her giggling under your breath as she is crying trying to console her that it's okay! Can we please get together? Londyn and Tate need to play again. Maybe Londyn will be a little nicer to sweet Taters.

  4. Cute little Tate. I'm sorry that she doesn't "want" the dance thing. :) I hope she likes it better next week. It'd be a shame to not see her cute little peanut body in that dance gear until next year! She's such a cutie.

  5. Haylee does the same thing with Brett- she calls him Brett instead of Daddy most of the time! I think it's pretty funny, but he hates it!

  6. chels, i really really miss you. :( just wanted you to know. my new ward (full of ONLY elderly folk, bless their hearts) is making me miss all the darling, fun, young ladies of stratford.

    hope all is well. when do you ship off to the caribean? xo.

  7. Ha Ha! I love the "Grandpa Pat!!!" =))))


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