Today you are two

posted on: 1.20.2009

Today you are 2.
today you are 23 pounds
today you are still a peanut
today you love hot dogs, berries, and candy
today you love and take care of several baby dolls
today you sing uh-ba-ba-ba-ba, yi-yi-yi-yi-yi
you also sing a-b-c-c-no money p
today you love to brush your teeth, sit in your car seat, stir it up, and watch Pan
you also love to put things together and help me cook
today you are cheerful, easy to smile, and silly
today you can read bear & kite all by yourself
today you have a cute short bob, narrow hips and a big belly
today you love wearing lotion and lipgloss
today you poop a lot
today you have great facial expressions and a to die for smile
today you don't like to say goodbye to daddy in the morning, or eat your vegetables
today you are attached and becoming a little more shy
today you like wearing jackets
today you are a good friend, caring, and observant
today you are becoming a good girl and noticing boys are ca-ca
today you are strong willed, persistent and a bit feisty
today you pronounce your words the cutest way
today your many quirks make us laugh... and everyone else
Today you have lived 2 whole years. They have no doubt been the best 2 years of my life, I hope you've had fun too!
I love you Soooooooooo much Taters,


  1. Happy birthday sweet Tate! We love you!!

  2. This is so cute and gives such a good snapshot of little lovie Tate at 2 years old. Happy Birthday to the little miracle baby. We love her.

  3. I just LOVED reading this post!!! Happy Birthday to the most adorable little girl in the world! I sure love you too! (We'll see you tonight for a bit - we're going to hurray!)

  4. Today your gamma amd papa love you and have since we set eyes on your teeny tiny sweet little self! Happy Birthday Taters!

  5. What a sweet little tribute to Taters! She is so adorable. I wish our little girls could play - they seem to be into all the same things! My have the last two years flown by. I'm sure you have a fun party planned...can't wait to see what you've come up with. You are so creative!

  6. What a cute post and sweet tribute to Tate! She is adorable Chels. Always has been. We just love her! Happy Happy Birthday Tate! Hope you have a fabulous day and a fun party!

  7. Okay, I don't know why, but I'm all choked up and teary while reading this! I think it's because I now understand how wonderful being a mother is, and how there's no words to describe the love you feel for your own child- EACH AND EVERY little thing that they do melts your heart. Love you Taters.. and all the adorable things that make you Tate. HAPPY TWO sweet girl!

  8. Happy Birthday Tate! I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! How special are you and what a special day this is for all of us! Eat lots and lots of deserve them! :) Can't wait to see the par-tay!

  9. she is easily one of the cutest little girls i've ever seen- happy b-day:)

  10. Awww~ Happy Birthday to Tate! I can't believe she's two! Wow!

  11. Are you kidding? PLEASE use my idea of the girlcation! I'm flattered!
    Tate seems amazing just like her mom.
    Happy b-day Tate!

  12. happy birthday tate. this is the sweetest post. tate is so lucky to have a mommy like you chels. hope tate had a great day.

  13. Happy Birthday Tate! How fun that we share the same day as our special Day!!! Happy Birthday to US!!! Loved the Post! Alexis

  14. OH TATE! We LOVE you so much! Thanks for putting up with London!

  15. Tate is always such a joy!! Happy birthday!! We love you-

  16. That was so sweet and well written! she is such a doll!


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