Christmas morning

posted on: 1.04.2009

Santa definitely came and brought Tate this cool new red kitchen! She's in heaven and has hardly played with anything else since... except for her baby.
Christmas morning with Tate was really fun. We could have just gotten her 1 thing and she would have been perfectly content. Once she opened a present, she just wanted to play with that. She didn't care that she still had 5 more to open:) We practically had to force her to open the others! Mental note to self ** simplify next year.
Grandma gave Tate this cool dog! It's got it's own leash and can go on walks with us. All the cute things dogs do, without the poo and slobber. Perfect!
My little sister Brooke made the little girls dress ups, so Tate got this darling new tutu! Thanks Boo!
Wyatt and I got some great things too...
Wyatt- some new clothes, books and Jazz game tickets
me- my sweater, rug and lamp (all from my list, of course:)!


  1. Where on earth did you get her cute jumper? I am so obsessed with birds right now!


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