Christmas Eve at Horsley's

posted on: 1.03.2009

Since no one was able to get together on the real Christmas Eve, we decided to celebrate at the Horsley's the next week. It was fun to see what everyone got, but mostly I was thrilled about what I got. Pat was brave and didn't stick to "my list", but she was right on. A Barefoot Dreams blanket all for myself is just what I needed (and have wanted for a really long time)! In fact, I'm sitting with it right now. It's dreamy.
Tate could not have been happier- she got her own makeup set complete with lipgloss (her absolute favorite), blush, perfume and a blow dryer!
trying out her new lipstick on aunt Eve Of course, we must stop and feed the baby. Yes, the baby comes everywhere with us. It really is like a 2nd child. I have to put it in a seat in the car, we check for poo poo and change her diaper if she needs it, we feed her frozen waffles, bathe her, give her a binky, read her stories, put her pj's on, and put her down for naps (20 times a day)!! Pat and Rolfe always give a good surprise. This year it was a luggage set for everyone! I don't know about you, but we've never had our own luggage. Who wants to spend money on luggage? Needless to say, it was a GREAT gift!


  1. Those throws are to die for. I have a robe and a throw and it's heaven.I have been known to cuddle up in both. They just get softer and softer too! I love Barefoot Dreams :)


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