Christmas at Rhoda's

posted on: 1.04.2009

Christmas night we spend with the Horsley side at Wyatt's grandma Rhoda's. It's always fun, and funny to see what cute thing Rhoda gives us! She's got to be the cutest, sweetest grandma alive and bless her heart... she just seems to collect all sorts of random things. She saves them all, and we get to pick through them for Christmas! This year, all the boys chose scarves and I chose a pin cushion.
Dru and Tyler... who is looking so suave!
The Matt's, and Maddie & Eve
Norah and Tate playing with grandma Pat
A Horsley tradition and one I'm not very good at:)...
Christmas chimes! They're pretty good and can play all the classic Christmas carols!


  1. We used to always do chimes at Christmas, too. My mom can't get enough of them. Love it.

    On another note - I'm in love with little Tate and her baby. She is such a little lady and is growing up so fast.

    p.s. let's plan a play date or a lunch date or a girl's night. Anything really. I miss you.


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