posted on: 1.22.2009

Miss Tate turned two! We had a great, crazy party for her at my parents house with all her family... 4 grandparents, 9 aunts, 7 uncles, and 8 cousins! That's me keeping it "simple"? She LOVES to be with her cousins though, and they had a great night!
I didn't really do a theme this year, it was all a little random. Just girly stuff like glitter, doilies, ribbon and a little cookie decorating.
The little kids were hilarious with their cookies. Less is NOT more as far as they were concerned. They didn't stop sprinkling until every last bottle of goodies was gone!
As shown here by Will and Nora...
Tate got her own little Maclaren from Grandma and Grandpa Pat which is the most high roller doll stroller I've ever seen- it's hilarious. She hasn't stopped walking her baby since =)
Good job Will- that looks SO yummy!
Opening presents... they're young so it had to be a group thing!
Cute Tate and her new crown!
Make a wish!
(not the cake of my dreams- I specifically asked for no cheesy roses or anything. What did I get? 3 large cheesy roses. Oh well)
the funniest little girl I've ever known!
Brooke made Tate this darling box for her rock collection! She even added some really cool colored rocks to Tate's ordinary garden assortment. Tate is still obsessed with rocks, and this gift was perfect for her! She cried and cried when we had to put the lid back on and go to bed, and it was the first thing she wanted to play with when she woke up!
Thanks Boo!
What a lucky girl! Thank you, thank you from Tate for all her treasures!
playing with grandpa!
Sitting at her brand new table- just her size! Thanks Grandma and Papa!


  1. Thanks for a FUN party Chels! I still feel bad that my kids opened all Tate's presents, but I'm glad she got some things that she's excited about. Love that gal! She's such a cutie!!

  2. What a great party. i'm sad we missed it! i'm sure tate had a great time and that she got spoiled rotten. what else would your expect from the frandsens and horsleys!

  3. How fun! I love your decorate your own cookie idea, so perfect! Did you make that special crown... I bet you did! Oh and I've been wanting to go to K. Zoo despite the location since it's so far but do you think Taedon would have fun there? We should do that as a play date?!

  4. The party was a blast!! Thanks for letting us be a part of the special day!!

  5. What a fun little party...I still can't get over how much Tate looks like you! It is so fun to see everything she got and how excited she was, I love the rock collection!

  6. Tate kills me. Looks like you had the cutest party ever. You should be a party planner..oh wait, you should be everything! London had a blast with Tate today. She loves her so much. They are the best little buddies!

  7. I loved your small celebration. :) It really is hard to not just have the whole family there, though. So fun to have so many people adore and celebrate your cute little girl! I also loved the cookie decorating idea. I'll have to do that for Avie's birthday.

  8. What a cute party! Tate is darling Chels. I love those pictures of her at the Kangaroo Zoo. Did you make that darling crown? It looks like something homemade by Chelsea....very cute and original! I'ms so glad her birhtday was a success.

  9. You are so cute - and your eyebrows always look fabulous.

  10. It was good to see you the other night! I wish we could have chatted a little more... and I was going to tell you that your short cut is so dang cute I love it. I'm a little jealous!

  11. Happy Birthday Tate Scarlet! She is SO darling...and her little top is precious! She has her mommy's style! Someday Blakie will be her boyfriend! jk...But that would be so cute. The party looks darling.

  12. Hey Chels I have a couple of questions to ask you... I have a friend in need of some white ballet flats infant size 3 for their temple sealing, do you have any idea where I might find some for her? Also, didn't Tate have torticollis? I thought that is why she had a helmet? Anyway, if so, I wanted to ask you about it because my little Broden has it and we are in treatment right now. So if you have a chance can you email or call me? Thanks Kimi


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