"you been working out a lot"?

posted on: 12.23.2008

I feel this day wouldn't be complete without a full rundown of The Hills Finale. Agreed?
I've been SO excited to watch this and I must say it did not disappoint!
First, let's talk Heidi and Spencer.... HALLELUJAH they did not make their wedding official. I was almost sick watching Heidi's face as she walked into the courthouse. You could tell she did not want to do it this way. I was cursing Spencer under my breath for convincing her that this was what she wanted. I'm crossing my fingers that the wedding will still never happen. Actually, I take that back... they sort of deserve eachother.
Don't you just feel awful for Heidi's mom? Oh, I just cringe when Spencer says something degrading to her. He takes disrespect to a whole new level. I just feel so so bad for her, and it ticks me off that Heidi allows him to speak to her like that. Talk about a HUGE red flag... more like a gazillion red flags.
And pleeeeease Spencer- shave your sick mustache! I'm actually a huge fan of facial hair. But, it has to be tamed. I throw up a bit in my mouth when I imagine Heidi kissing all that sick hair hanging down over his upper lip- gross!!
Onto Lauren... I've been a little wishy washy about her this season. Wyatt thinks she gotten a lot more trashy (which is probably true) and I think she's just turned into a plain brat. She's SO quick to cut people out of her life, which is lame I think. But, I was really impressed and frankly shocked with the class she showed Heidi at the party. I'm just over their bickering, no matter how justified it is. I'm glad they were able to have an adult conversation as awkward as it may have been. **I did however L-O-V-E Lauren's look on the aftershow. She looked stunning and I'll never get tired of a red lip.
With that said- how funny was Heidi's attempt to break the ice by asking Lauren if she's been working out a lot?!?! What is that? Who the H cares if Lauren's been working out a lot. Hollyood talk I guess? It did make me laugh out loud though! What a weirdo.
I'm not really a huge Audrina or Justin Bobby fan. Not that I hate them or anything, it's just neither here nor there. I could do without them on the show.
Someone I could not do without on the show is Whitney. She's my favorite. Her "deer in the headlights" facial expression always crack me up and I absolutely adore her personal style. It may not be exactly what I'd wear, but she always looks fabulous and so confident. I'm actually more excited for her show, The City, then I am for the next season of The Hills. Aren't you? It looks so juicy with all new drama queens and good good fashion!
i feel much better now getting that off my chest.


  1. Dude, Audrina had a new set of lips, did you notice? She got them plumped and pouty ya'll!

  2. That was mags, not Adam.

  3. Yes! I am glad you posted about it because i did not know it started again....so i had to stop myself from reading this post! Ok, now i have to get on mtv.com and watch!

  4. I too laughed out loud with the "working out" comment. Funny that she followed that up with feeling like she was still 18 years old...
    And, finally Lauren didn't just scream when Heidi talked to her. A sure set up for drama next season when I am sure they reunite and tick Spencer off.
    Love it!

  5. honestly amen amen amen about heidi and spencer. i DESPISE him. what a trashy man. can't stand him. i think heidi's just plain stupid to be with him. lauren i think is SUCH a brat. she's really taken to her fame i think and is always so intitled. audrina is kind of a ditzy idiot in my opinion. justin bobby is SICK! whitney i LOVE too!!! can't wait for the city. i think we should have city parties!!!


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