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posted on: 12.22.2008

I have sad sad news... I LOST my camera. Like really lost. Lost the pictures of Tate putting the star on the tree for the first time, and lost the pictures of Tate's little gym class:( I left it at The Little Gym 2 weeks ago and it's still a no show! I feel like I'm going with withdrawls with all the fun holiday events that are happening that I'm NOT capturing. I have this weird attachment to my camera now. Like, if I can't take pictures of something fun we're doing I feel like it never counted- like it never happened. It's really giving me anxiety. Especially this time of year.
I did however get some pictures from Sammy of our friends Christmas dinner and a movie! I feel so so blessed to have these friends. Mostly I feel blessed to have such a sweet, welcoming, friendly sister in law who has completely introduced me to all her friends and accepted me into her group. Not all girls are cool about sharing their friends, you know? And not all girls are cool about accepting new people into their group. I'm so glad I know Dru and that I've met Sam and Rach, I have such a blast with them always, and never want our nights to end!

In the movie theatre trying to take a decent picture of ourselves... without cutting anyone out! Sorry Sam ...and again, sorry Dru! Oh, I didn't mention? Yes, we did go to Twilight. Yes, this is a picture of Edward on screen during the movie. Oh and yes, it's my 4th time seeing it. Anyone want to go again this week?

Some other fun things we did this weekend (that aren't officially documented in my mind) are...

- attended the always fun "Hatch Holiday Gayla"

- took Tate sledding for the first time!

- hung out with our best friends Cass & Jo (in town from Philly) and met their darling baby boy Beckham!!!

- sampled Patti's amazing Meltaways

- made our own batch of meltaways

it seems this time of year always brings people together. I love that. I'm always happiest when I'm surrounded around people I love, have fun with, feel comforted by, and know love me. I've been reminded lately how blessed I am for these people in my life. I'm glad this season helps me to remember that. Even though I can't "officially" document all of it:)


  1. Oh no! Your camera! I would be very sad too. Well, now you have something else to add to your Christmas wish list. The GNO looks fun. I've been wanting to see Twilight again. (I only saw it that one time on Thanksgiving)...maybe we can catch a matinee sometime.

  2. are the best thing to come into our little group!! sammy, rach and i aren't complete anymore without you. i'm so glad we did our little girls night. it was SO needed. love eddie and i especially love the talks! so sorry about your camera. but if one doesn't come for christmas, my offer still stands. love ya!

  3. Oh Chels! We love you so much and have so much fun with you! Thanks for putting up with us and wanting to be our friend....most people just run away! Cannot wait for our next girls night! 88 s*********orry for the ran99999dom numbers. London *-is -*"helping me"!. I hope santa brings you an early present for christmas so you can capture those moments. I am so sorry! Love ya!

  4. That's the worst news about your camera. I know you hated it, but it's the worst to lose documentation of life's little events - especially of little dolly Tate. I love her. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Fun to see you yesterday. Your family is picture perfect. Hope you have a great holiday.

  5. How annoying! I'm sorry about your camera. Just wanted to let you know that I'll go see Twilight with you any day...:)

  6. hey chelsea, this is corinne, alyssa's sister. i check out your blog now and again (very cute, as always) especially because i LOVE to see cute little taters, but i had to tell you that i have seen twilight three times and plan to see it this weekend for the fourth time! you are in good company. it is good times! i have the soundtrack too (nerdy) and i want to re-read the series again soon... for the fourth time. yep.

  7. We had a friend accidentally throw our camera away this weekend! We didn't realize it until we were home from the cabin and I was missing a bunch of stuff. Turns out Mitch put my wallet, uggs, camera, clothes, etc. all in a black garbage bag (????) and it got chucked. So, at 11pm he drove all the way up to Oakley, fished through the dumpter, opening garbage bags until he found it! But he did...and I hope you find yours!

  8. 4 years ago I put our camera on the roof of our car along with beautiful stationary I had just purchased and DROVE AWAY! I feel your pain!
    p.s. i love your hair!

  9. LOL- I can't believe you have seen Twilight four times. That is awesome! So sorry to hear about your camera - Bummer.

  10. Chels I didnt' know. That is such a bummer. You should've told me and I could've taken some pics for you at the Hatch Holiday Gala. It was fun to see you guys again!


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