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posted on: 12.06.2008

I mean, the only difference between mine and hers is the fact that I can actually spell (well, and the fact that I'm asking for more than just barbies)

I've gotten some interesting feedback from my Christmas List post. From my family... no comment what so ever, they weren't surprised one bit. They totally get me. From others, I think a little shock that I would do such a thing (all jokingly of course). The truth is, I'm really not ashamed of it. We all know we like to get gifts for Christmas. So, I figure what's the point in getting me something that I don't like/won't use/ or is just stupid. Now, that isn't very thoughtful. Why not get me something that I've really been wanting. Isn't gift giving all about the person you are giving to anyway? I say, unless you have impeccable taste, just stick to the list!
(Dru, you would categorize into the "impeccable" part)


  1. don't let anyone give you heat for this. you are simply a girl who knows what she wants. that is rare and wyatt and your family members are lucky. just think of how much time this saves them wondering what to get the girl who has perfect taste and an extra bedroom for a closet. however, this is coming from a girl who created an entire second blog dedicated to my wish list last year. i have already started updating for this year. good for us.

    ps: how do you buy those fancy slippers? i went to the link in your sidebar and their e-commerce seems to be down. any tips? i think they look like the perfect gift for some of the women in my life.

  2. first of all, chelsea dear, i also have a Christmas list on my blog & i also am not ashamed to say that yes, i would like a few gifts for Christmas! (don't we all???)

    and also, thank you so much for the sweet sweet comment on my blog about my grandpa. it meant so much to me..i felt like all of my friends were rallying around me to lift me up. seriously, what would we do without friends? i am so grateful for you. love you.

  3. oh i'm so relived :) i'm glad i've at least fooled you thus far. hopefully my present will be a fun surprise and something you do genuinely like. i thought your post was awesome! seriously want to do it myself.


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