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posted on: 12.23.2008

I recently read on Design Mom her thoughts about Christmas traditions and it got me thinking about my own. I could relate to her a lot about the fact that she has mainly just adapted the traditions she grew up with rather than starting her own with her family.
While, I must add I love all the traditions both Wyatt's and my family have, and I do want to keep some of them for myself, I'd also like to start some of my own.
Some of the things we do with my family that I will never give up are:
-a mean game of Charades with all the cousins on Christmas Eve
- my dad reading The Polar Express right before bed on Christmas Eve
-having sausage and egg casserole with sweetrolls for breakfast on Christmas morning
Some new ones I've thought of for our family are:
- having a small Christmas Box for each me, Wyatt and Tate. On Christmas Eve we'll each write a small Christmas note to each person and stick it in their box. On Christmas morning, after the hussle and bussle of the present opening we'lll read our letters to ourselves. I think this would be great over the years to have old letters to look back on. I always want my kids and husband to have love letters from me, it would be nice to have a little box to keep them all in.
- Sledding on Christmas Eve day, followed by hot cocoa
- singing our favorite Christmas hymns while Wyatt plays the piano before bedtime on Christmas Eve
- doing one family Christmas service day. This could be the weekend before Christmas, maybe we'd go to Christmas Box house, or to the Homeless Shelter. Or decorate and take a tree to a family who we knew didn't have one. As Tate grows older I want her to have a strong sense of what Christmas is really about. I think it's really important to involove your kids in service from a young age, so it just becomes a part of their life. I'm starting this tradition next year!
what are some of your favorite and most unique Christmas Traditions?


  1. In Nate's family, his dad was in charge of cooking a big Christmas breakfast for everyone. I told him we were FOR SURE keeping that one. ;)

  2. I'm addicted to your blog. I can admit it, it's okay. One of my favorite traditions has to do with my crazy obsession with nice bed sheets. I bust out my 1000 count sheets (they were a gift) on the 23rd (today baby!) I save these babies for this one time because they are such a pain to iron and they are stark white - not really a great combination for everyday wear and a two year old who loves to drink hot chocolate every night with mommy while we watch the "Good Night Show " together. It's nice to sleep on a cloud once a year though :) Hey, and thanks for the nice comment about my dad; I was so happy to hear from someone who knew our family well during that part of life.

  3. I love to see all your fun family traditions...I love the christmas box! We started a couple which I'm sure aren't too original but I'm pretty excited for them. The Christmas eve pajamas, a Christmas book and a new family game are a few of our new traditions now that we have a little one!


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