what do we do on a thursday night?

posted on: 11.24.2008

Dance around the house with diapers on our head... of course!
today I'm thankful for times like this. When I'm not too caught up in my daily chores and tasks and I can really play with Tate. She is such a blast to play with! I always have the best nights when I remember to just focus on Tate and Wyatt, and when we spend the night hanging out together... with diapers on our heads!


  1. So cute! Don't you just love little kids!

  2. that looks like fun!!!!!

  3. love love love these pictures!

  4. oh man...don't you love just squeezing those little buns!?!

  5. Whatever you do, KEEP THESE PICTURES! They are just the kind you need to have on hand to show to Tate's prospective suitors!! Oh, I can't stand to think that one day she'll be old enough to have propsective suitors!!!Love you guys!


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