Very Happy

posted on: 11.05.2008

Even though it's hard to feel like our vote really counted, we are very very happy with the results! I'm proud of our country for making this a reality, and I can't imagine the great honor and sense of pride that Obama feels. Very cool!


  1. I know! Last night I was stoked watching him win. Amazing...

  2. I agree!
    By the way, the next time you, Brooke and your mom get together, I think you should come to Phoenix to shop and dress me. Could you fashionistas be any cuter?! I loved that post and seeing all the cute stuff you guys always wear!

  3. You get the best gift as your present... Barack as President! :) Happy Birthday woman...I'm sorry I'm a few days late! Last night was INCREDIBLE!! His speech was so moving, so right on point, & so what we needed to hear! Yes we can...oh I'm still emotional about it all! Here's to change!! Love ya & I hope you have the best Birthday week ever!

  4. i couldn't possibly agree more. on several fronts, i believe this is the beginning of a bright new future for our nation.

    ps: wish i could have had the same kind of morning you and tate did. sounds lovely.

  5. it really is the best thing ever!! we are so happy about the results at this house thats forsure


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