posted on: 11.14.2008

I am thankful for fm100
Tonight I was running an errand all by myself. I turned on the radio in the car, scrolled through my favorite stations and stopped immediately on fm100. Why? Christmas music!!!! Ahhhh- I wanted to shout out from my car with joy and honk & wave at everyone driving by- Hallelujah!
It put me in an annoyingly cheerful mood and I was literally smiling in my car the whole time.
The fact that I don't have to own 40 Christmas cd's (which I proudly would) because I can just turn on fm100 and hear Christmas music anytime I want from now until New Years is making me so so happy!


  1. Chels, Me too! I've heard some people bashing fm100 for playing it so early but why not. Christmas isn't long enough. We spend so much time preparing why not enjoy things a little longer. I'm putting up my tree next week! How is that for rediculous? Kosy is also playing Christmas music!

  2. Yeah!! I'm so glad somebody else loves Christmas music as much as I do! It too makes me in a wonderful mood. And, I love that they play it early. I flip all day between FM 100 and 106.5 (also nonstop Christmas music).

  3. i totally clicked on one of my Pandora Christmas stations at work the other day and got reprimanded "it's way too early and aren't you sick of all the same old music anyway?" NO WAY! some people just can't appreciate the joy a little rat pack Christmas can bring into our lives. granted, it is a little early, but i needed that extra dose of cheer. happy holidays!

  4. I have been listening since November one! Yep, FM 100 Rocks the Nostalgic Christmas Tunes, the Eighties Christmas Hits, Manheim even, Carpenters, Mo Tab probably, you name it.....they play it! I knew there HAD to be plenty others listening out there too! ;) Glad to know you are Chels!

  5. Chels I too have to agree with you....I love Christmas music. It brings such a happy spirit to your home or car, wherever you are listening to it! I love all of your thankful thoughts!


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