posted on: 11.19.2008

yesterday I was thankful for flashbacks. I had the awesome chance to pull out all my old prom dresses yesterday and sort through them. I must say it stirred up a lot of funny memories! As much as I wish I could say I hated highschool and dances were dumb, yada yada... I actually had so much fun at all those dances, and had a really good experience in highschool. I'm thankful that yesterday I got to remember those funny times!


  1. Chelsea...are you my long lost sister in that bottom pic?! ;) You seriously are as black as I need a tan! You could make for one pretty black woman... I think your parents forget to tell you something! ha ha! High school dances were the best!

  2. amen to that! reminiscing about high school and those years is so much fun! we were doing it just the other night and it made me realize how much i miss being young and carefree!! you honestly look SO beautiful in those pictures!!

  3. Oh boy... what am I doing at 16 on ypur blog may I ask?!! Those were good times... I would have to agree =)


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