posted on: 11.17.2008

I am thankful for the movie You've Got Mail... I know another movie dedication. But, it's got to be mentioned all on it's own. In my opinion, there is not another movie that comes close to being as delightful to watch. I've seen it countless times and still every time I watch it I get giddy about her store, how NY looks in the fall, the music, and when they finally figure out who eachother is. Kathleen Kelly could not be any more charming, I want to be her. ps- I'm actually watching it right now:)
I'm thankful for the YW in my ward. They teach me more than a lot of women do. They inspire me to be better, more kind, serve more, laugh more. I'm always excited to see them, and they've brought such happiness to my life... something I didn't know a bunch of teenagers could?
I'm thankful for my neighborhood. This time of year my neighborhood looks beautiful. All the Sycamore trees are losing their leaves, leaving the street and sidewalks covered. I love driving over them and watching them swirl up in the air. I never thought my first house would be in such a charming neighborhood. I realize how lucky I am and I'm incredibly thankful for where I live.
I'm thankful for quiet afternoons. Since having a child, I've come to fully appreciate and LOVE my quiet afternoons (when Tate is napping). I try to relax, read a book, watch tv, or play on the computer. Or today- have a diet coke, a snack and watch a great movie (I don't feel the least bit guilty for it). The house is clean, I have showered, the phone is turned off... and all is blissful!


  1. OH MY GOSH, I want your life!!!!

    I look forward to quiet afternoons SOMEDAY!

  2. I love that movie too! Your "Thankful" posts are so sweet.

  3. Amen to quiet afternoons, who knew that would become such a rareity!

  4. I love your thankful posts. Yay for Kathleen Kelly and her delightful book store and her carefully crafted emails . . . and her outfits that I used to think were fab. Now, they're kind of hilarious.

    Also, the YW: love them. I'm sure they're CRAZY about you.

    And, I couldn't agree more about quiet afternoons. Heaven.

    Let's be hang-out friends again soon. I really miss you.

  5. sound great lets trade you can have my chemistry homework and swim practice and i will have quite afternoons. deal? okay sounds good when can i start?

  6. You do have a beautiful house and live in such a wonderful neighborhood. I too love the afternoons, you are too cute my friend and I truly LOVE reading your "thankful" posts.


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