posted on: 11.09.2008

No, I haven't just been ungrateful for the past 3 days! Our Internet has been down and it's been driving me crazy. I'm obviously really, really dependent on my computer.
It has given me more time (and more things) to be thankful for, so here is my catch up list...
I am thankful for our primary children. Today we had our Primary Program (where the children in our church sing all the songs they have learned as well as give talks), it was filled with the spirit and so so sweet. These children are incredibly bright, smart, sweet and confident! I am constantly impressed by what they can do and I am so so grateful for their happy singing voices! They made my day!
I am thankful for the huge 50ft. Catalpa tree we have in our front yard. Even though it just shed all of it's leaves, leaving Wyatt quite a Saturday chore, I am so glad we have it. It's the reason I love keeping my blinds open, it holds the swing that Tate and all the neighbors love to swing on, it shades our whole front yard (making summer actually bearable), and in the spring it blossoms with beautiful delicate white flowers. It's my favorite thing about this whole house and I never want to leave it.
I am so thankful for music. I am someone who's mood can be completely changed by music. I can't tell you how many times music has been my comforter, my therapist, my motivation and my inspiration. I love how music brings people together and also helps you get in touch with yourself. I can always depend on music to help me through something or cheer me up!
I am thankful for my mom. This weekend I needed help planning something. I went over to her house around 11am on Saturday and didn't leave until 5pm. She didn't know I was coming, therefore wasn't planning on having to spend her day helping me. She, of course, enthusiastically and willingly helped me all day. I love knowing I can count on her for anything!


  1. i am thankful you got your internet back! how annoying that must have been for you. i love these posts. i agree that children change everything! your tree is the most beautiful thing in the world. music is an absolute love of mine, and moms are simply the best! thanks for posting these because it makes me think about my own life and the things i'm thankful for. i'm thankful for friday night! GNO's are the best!

  2. So happy to find you on here! You and your little family is precious! keep in touch!

  3. What a cute post my friend! Oh and I got the little dog at Toys r us. They have a couple to choose from that do more interesting things, but for Aspen at this age she just liked how it barked and moved his hand for her to shake. It is so cute and she loves it. We need to get these little girls together!

  4. I love primary kids! That sunday when they have their program is one of the best sundays all year! Aren't mom's the best!! & don't get me started on the's my life is all I'll say! I love these thankful posts you are doing! Better see you before all the ya!

  5. we lost our internet to i just about died!! i love your all the things you are thankful for they make me smile.


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