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posted on: 11.02.2008

Raggedy Ann
Tate and all the Horsley cousins... Tate, David, Will, Tess, Norah, Jackson and Cole
Mom, Dad & Raggedy Ann! Halloween this year was one of the funnest nights we've had with Tate so far. We didn't know if she would get the whole trick-or-treating thing, but she totally did (with a little help from her cousin Ella). We were out for 1 hr. 1/2 knocking on friends doors, they didn't want to stop. We'd ask if they were tired "yes", we'd ask if they wanted to go home "no". It was so much fun, I already can't wait for next year!
Tate's cousins Ella & Gracie as a cat & mouse- check out Ella's sassy model pose! I kept trying to get a picture of Tate, but she was too busy treckin down the street to look up. Doesn't she make the cutest little Raggedy Ann?!
Daddy and Tate
Tate and Ella were quite the pair. Ella set the pace, and Tate tried so hard to keep up. Ella kept yelling "c'mon Tate". They could hardly wait for the doors to be opened- Ella even fell in a couple doorways because she was so ancy to get some candy!
sneaky sneaky.... Tate was posing for the picture, as Ella tried to sneak some of her candy!
Papa and his girls
Dumb & Dumber (aka, my parents) rode in on their sweet scooter... in the rain!
A very very tired Raggedy Ann after her first real Halloween!
Gardner Village...
Just thought I'd throw these in the mix too- this post is sort of a hodge-podge of all the festivities we've done this week.
Gardner Village is always fun, and this year we went with the Meeker kids and Cole- Tate's cousins.
This place was a little hectic though, all the kids wanted to do was play by the water. Tate was even so anxious to get down there she tripped on a rock on the way down the hill and almost rolled in the water!! yikes!
Carving Pumpkins...
On Monday night we carved Tate's first pumpkin. I haven't carved pumpkins for a long time and it was actually really fun. We weren't very creative, just the classic Jack-O-Lantern for us.
Tate thought it was hilarious when Wyatt pretended to be throwing up the seeds? Gross! She also thought the insides stunk and she kept pinching her nose and saying "P.U."
Ghost Tour...
Yes, a Ghost Tour. Instead of doing the cliche' and overpriced haunted house this year we opted for a real haunted night and went on a ghost tour downtown. It was really cool! You actually go on a huge tour bus and they take you to all these haunted sites through the city... Slc cemetery, Shiloh Inn, Fort Douglas. We even got out to go see Emo's grave and it was so creepy!
The tour guide warned us that some of our pictures might reveal some spirit orbs? We didn't really believe her until.... Sammy got a bunch in these pictures!! They are the circles that look like snowflakes (even though it was a totally clear night) and they are said to be the ghosts showing up only in your pictures!
In this picture there is one on the end of the porch... see it?
Sam, me and Dru
Okay, this picture has a TON of spirit orbs- guess why? It was taken at the cemetery. It was Halloween Eve, so all the ghosts were out- proof is right here!


  1. I have to be honest. I have been waiting all year to see what you would dress Tate up like for Halloween since last year's Octopus was so incredibly cute. You did not disappoint (well, Tate didn't disapoint!) She looked SO cute in that Raggity Anne costume! Stella's first year trick or treating was hilarious. She would ring people's doorbells and when they would open the door, she would walk right into their house. It was so funny. Tate is so cute and we really should get together some time and hang out. It has been FAR too long.

  2. I could just eat Tate up. She is so cute!

  3. ok Tates costume is so dang CUTE!!! she looked darling!!

  4. Tate is such a cute Raggity Anne! It looks like you guys had fun this year! The ghost tour is awesome! I have never heard of it! Sounds fun! It was sososososos good to see you guys last night and we can't let time go by that long again. The kids change too much. I hope Londyn didn't scare Tate by mauling her. They are cute and I hope they become better friends as they get older!

  5. You are so cute, and I love Tate's costume!! ADORABLE! Looks like you had a great Halloween!!

  6. so adam and i are creeped out by your pictures! being the photographer, he said that since there was no light coming in, those couldn't be flare on the camera....anyway, that is so crazy. we are definitely going next year!

    by the way, tate is so darling!!!

  7. You've been having so much fun!!!! Between this post and your San Fran post... I'm feeling very bored and left out! What a Fun Month you've had! Tate looked ADORABLE on Halloween and every other day for that matter...

    I'll be giving you a little ring tomorrow... ;) Did someone say 26???

  8. sick, that is SCARY!

  9. your daughter could not be any cuter. there i said it and i meant every word of it. i just want to steal her and stare at her all day. hands down, cutest halloween costume ever!

  10. You're hair is so cute! When did you get it cut?? Tate looked FAB on halloween. I'm sad I didn't get to see her in the flesh, but the pictures are so cute!! Best costume.

  11. Um...Raggity Freaking Cute Anne! I love it. Did she keep the wig/hat on?

  12. SHUT UP!!! Tate looks adorable!! Lucca is going to have to come to slc next year to get lessons from his elder cousins!

  13. Fun costume! She is a doll, literally! I love looking at your blog. You do so many fun things. I love the sister San Fran trip. I did that once with my mom. Best trip ever!

  14. What a great Halloween & even greater costume for lil' miss Tate! You always have the best ideas! I told Andrew all about her costume and made him come look and we couldn't get over how much Tate & Tae look alike? I guess we just have good genes! ;) Ok and I don't know how you survived that ghost tour...I for sure would have had to wear a diaper or leave crying! LoL! No joke...I'm the biggest baby when it comes to that kinda thing!

  15. It looks like you guys had so much fun. Tate was way to cute. Can't wait for our next girls night!


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