i left my heart in san francisco

posted on: 10.30.2008

My mom, Brooke (my little sister), and I just got back from a girls trip to San Francisco. What could be better than shopping, eating, and enjoying life in a beautiful city in the fall? Really, there is nothing.
Brooke and I have birthday's a week apart. Mine is the 3rd and hers the 10th of November, so instead of having parties and getting presents we decided to get $$ and take a trip. We really are so selfless. I'm so glad we actually made the plans and did it because it was a blast.
Our first stop was the famous Sears restaurant for breakfast. Without even knowing what we were doing we missed the rush- luckily. We woke up late and didn't get there until 11am. Last time we ate there (years ago) we waited hours. It's a San Fran classic, so next time you are there go to Sears and get the 18 dollar sized pancakes! While strolling through Pacific Heights we saw the Jonathan Adler store and had to stop in. HEAVEN... PURE HEAVEN. I have just recently been introduced to Jonathan Adler and I am officially obsessed. I truly was like a kid in a candy store in there. Around every corner there was something surprising that I loved! If I had endless amounts of money and means to get all of this home I would have bought 10 million things. Someday, my house will look like these rooms- fun, eclectic, full of personality and wit... with a bit of glamour. This vignette in particular was my favorite. Just transfer every piece to my home please. After my last post about my non colorful home, I've decided I want to change everything and have a super colorful home. Poor Wyatt. After shopping and drooling over everything at Marc Jacobs we went to the Japanese Tea Gardens. Stephmodo highly recommended this to me, and without which I'm sure we wouldn't have gone. (Don't judge me, but I've actually never heard of them before). Well, I'm glad she did know about them because they are amazing! Peaceful and perfectly manicured, it was the best activity to do on a sunny day.
Those Japanese, they really know how to make things beautiful.
The next day we were off to the Ferry Building Market for the Saturday Farmer's Market and Fisherman's Wharf. Only if we had a kitchen to cook in, there were lots of yummy fresh fruits, veggies, meats and cheese at the Market. The wharf was hugely disappointing though. I guess we all remembered it as an 11 year old. All the souvenir shops were cool and we could spend all day there. Not so much now. I'm over it. It was fun to walk around and be by the water for a change though.
Inside the Ferry Building there are more little shops selling all sorts of things. This pastry shop called Miette was darling! A girls dream. A collection of cake stands sat perfect on the shelves and candy and chocolate filled all the jars. I ate my first Macaroon (Pistachio) and it was wonderful!
A night out to Sushi and a movie- classic. We tried (on recommendation for a trendy spot) Ozumo for sushi. It was so so good. One of those times where every roll was as good as the next. After, we saw Changeling- the new Angelina Jolie flick. It was SO good. Very sad, especially since I was already missing Tate so badly. But, very good. Can I also just say she is the most beautiful creature. I know she's a weirdy and a home wrecker.... yada yada. But her face is perfectly symmetrical?!
The Fairmont Hotel
no worries- just dancing in the streets
I'm really sad we never got to ride one of these. Too busy to wait in line.
Brooke and my mom did have time to see Anastacia (the famous eye-brow maker). Just kidding, it wasn't really her, she just works for her. She was Russian though- her name was Lana and she was a genius! I could have watched her pluck, wax and tweak eyebrows all day. Fascinating how meticulous she was. I love good eyebrows- it makes the world of difference on your face.
Who knows what we were doing. It was late, we were hungry and getting a bit delirious. Brooke a little more than me it seems:)
The swanky lobby in our hotel. The first 2 nights we stayed right in Union Square... busy busy. The last night we stayed here, the Stanford Court in Nob Hill and it was charming and perfect. I think so far Nob Hill is my favorite area in the Bay area.
Outside Mama's- a very famous and wonderful little breakfast spot. We literally waited in line 1 1/2 hours to eat. We didn't get breakfast until 1pm. It WAS worth it though.
Look closely- maybe even click on the picture to see all the details. What will you see? A tranny dressed up for Halloween! Maybe the funniest (and scariest) thing that happened the whole trip was this tranny who attacked me! Yes, I said attacked.
We were walking up one of those huge hills back to our hotel. It was late and we were so tired. As I was panting up the hill I could feel someone close behind me. I turned around and was SO frightened to see this- a very large woman/man very scantily clad in a jock strap and mini dress wearing a tripped out mannequin/monster mask. As you can see it was a very very mini dress- half his crack was hanging out. Anyway, it scared me so bad that I tripped after I saw him. Of course I did. In a pissed off and scarily low voice he yelled "watch your step lady" and just about trampled over me. Of course I jumped up and ran after him up the hill to snap this picture!! Even though I fell, it was still the highlight of my trip.
Feeling refreshed and luxurious in my white hotel bathrobe I tended to my sister on her hospital bed. Really, it was the hotel bed- but doesn't she looked so strained and almost in pain to be posing for this picture?! Boo, I love you!
Mom and Boo- thanks for all the funny memories. I love our girls trips! Much thanks and love to Wy for so willingly watching Tate so I could go. It was a great birthday gift!


  1. That looks so fun. Last night my mom, sister, and I went to see Thriller and we were saying how you guys go do such fun things. We are jealous of you.

  2. honestly, there is nothing better than a girls trip in san francisco! i love that place so much. what a fun trip....and that furniture store, i'm like speechless. can we please be millionaires pronto and furnish our homes with that stuff!

  3. OK, who is Jonathan Adler and how have I never heard of him? I thought I was so up on decorating. I guess my head really has been in the clouds. I must say, these pictures, of that store, have been the highlight of my morning. What neat rooms! I particulary like the first vignette. I was just saying to Jackson the other day that I wanted to start collecting white vases. Yes, my poor 8 year old son who I talk to about these things. He just looks at me like, "OK mom, whatever!"

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  5. What a dream! I'm super jealous of your trip. There is nothing better then shopping and eating good meals in a fabulous city with your sisters and mom. That furniture is so neat!! I'm excited to do my house post...I couldn't be further from this type of class. I'll see you tonight!

  6. Not surprising you had a good time -- those trips are always fun! Wish I could have joined you -- next time!

  7. Welcome back from San Fran! What an amazing trip. I'm glad you took so many great pictures to document all of the fabulousness. Like everyone else, the Jonathon Adler store is killing me. Those mirrors? I want every last one. And I love that you've decided your house is going to be colorful after seeing that. :)

    Let's go to Discovery soon. Especially once it gets cold. I get so grumpy in my house.

    p.s. I'm crazy about your bangs. They look great.

  8. thats looks like the best trip...nothing better than a girls trip thats for sure!!

  9. Oh my gosh...I am just drooling @ my computer right now! I gotta get there & quick! That is so fun to have a girls trip! I've never heard of Mr.Adler but his stuff looks fabulous! Thanks for that tip! Well we are all jealous of you even more so now...dang it Chelsea! ;) Oh and I could not make out that pic & really wanted to so I could have a good laugh! Glad you had such a good time & Happy Halloween!

  10. I am so glad you had a good time! I know this is almost embarassing to say but I have never been to San Francisco and I always tell Josh he has to surprise me and take me some day! What a perfect time of year to go there. Your story of that man is creepy! I love that you got up for the pic! Classic!!!!!

  11. I love San Fran. I went twice this summer when I hadn't been in years. We stayed once in crazy union square. Then we stayed at the Stanford Court in Nob Hill. I remember dying walking up that massive hill to Nob Hill after we'd eaten and shopped our way through the city with swollen feet as if I'd been preggo. Love it all! Did you bring home the Sears Pancake mix you can buy? So yummy!Looks like your trip was a blast:)

  12. Dude, your mom looks exactly the same as she did ten years ago! Seeing her kinda brings me back yo. You are darn right about the tomboy/priss theory my dear. Ayda pretends to be a fairy one minute and the next she's holding a dinosaur in front of her face and growling. I would love to see you guys, I need to call you and set up a lunch with little miss tatertot and her cute mama. I would love to meet that little mini me of yours!


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