posted on: 10.02.2008

I have been tagged, yet again. Even though I feel as if I've already told all of you WAY too much in my previous and still talked about "100 things about me" list, I'm out of blogging material and I'm curious to see if I can think of 6 more things you already don't know. Here it goes... (that was a major run-on sentence. sorry)
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1) Since this is a full confession tag, I will tell you my utmost weirdest (well almost) quirk. I have to pee exactly twice before I go to bed. I know you're thinking- that's not that weird. But, it is for this one reason. It has to be right before I go in and one right after the other. I wash my face, go pee, stand up pull my pants back up, walk out of the bathroom, go right back in, pee again. Don't ask me why?? It's a habit now and I literally cannot fall asleep until I've gone twice in a row. Even if it means I sit there for 10 minutes waiting for something, anything to come out. Getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom is just a HUGE burden for me- 1 because I am terrified of the dark, and 2 because I just hate waking up for that.
2) I will not blow my nose in public or even in front of Wyatt. I think it's disgusting and I have no idea how it ever became socially acceptable for others to do so. No one farts in public, no one picks their nose in public... I don't want to hear or have others hear exactly how much snot is up my nose. gross. Please just use the bathroom for that.
3) I long to not be concerned with fashion someday. It may come as a surprise to those who know me, but I think it's incredibly exhausting and wish I wasn't known as someone who has good fashion sense. I feel this pressure to have to keep up, and a lot of times I don't even want to. Does anyone else feel like that? I wish I were known as the girl who wore sweats everyday, that way when I walked out in sweats everyday no one would be surprised. I seriously had a girl in my old apartment just about pass out one morning when she saw me cleaning out my car in sweats... she said, ever so condescendingly, " I didn't even think you owned a pair of sweats, I barely recognize you"! Give me a break- knock on my door at 10am and you'll see. I don't know, I guess it's a love/hate relationship.
4) I have a girl crush- she is Natalie Portman
5) don't kill me but.... I HATE Celine Dion. With a passion- cannot stand her.
6) I am a neurotic mental planner. I have plans for my house 10 years from now, plans for what I would do if a robber/murderer/kidnapper came into my house (even plans from each room)- where I would run, what item I would smack them with, what I would say, if I would hide, what things I would take with me, what neighbors house is the least risky to run into ( I wouldn't want to put a neighbor with young kids at risk if someone were chasing me!)... everything. I have plans for Tate's birthday parties up until she's 10. Plans for paint colors in houses I don't even own. Plans for extremely exotic vacations I'll probably never take. The plans go on and on and on... no wonder why I can't sleep at night. I'm too busy making plans.
With that said, I tag you if you want to be tagged.


  1. I have a girl crush on Natalie Portman too. I love her. And I too HATE Celine Dion. Also, I can't sleep at night either because my mind is going a million miles a minute with "plans".

  2. You are so cute. I totally get the fashion thing. It is so much easier to decide you don't really care. And Natalie Portman...she is Nate's favorite. He will see any movie with a good "tomato rating" or that has Natalie Portman in it. And the peeing twice thing...that's pretty weird! But I totally have my little rituals too so I get it.

  3. Those were some great quirks. I especially loved your fashion pressure one. I totally see where you're coming from. Though, honestly, I think you're one of very few people that would look fashionable in sweats. (I'm not one of them.) When you've got it, you've just got it.

  4. Oh my gosh you are hilarious... I have to admit I feel you on the before bed ritual. I am the same way. If I don't do the full ritual I jsut can't sleep. So neurotic!

  5. I would love not to be concerned with fashion either. This time of year stresses me out because I wonder if my sweaters, my boots, coats etc are still in fashion. I hate it, but I love to shop, but it only leads me to spending way to much money (leads to more stress) or i just get depressed because i want to much and cannot afford it all. Blah!! I wish I just didn't care. But i love clothes and shoes.

    Thanks for today, we had so much fun!

  6. Hey, I was wondering if you would want to trade some advertising on our business blogs. I will advertise Tatertots, and you can advertise Suburban Heresy for me! You interested?

  7. Hi Chelsea-- I'm Camilla from Stratford East Ward and I think I'm doing a miniclass about blogging with you-- let me know if that sounds right (aka I've got the right Chelsea)

  8. I was laughing so hard reading that. We are so much alike! I will not blow my nose around anyone either (not even family) I think it is totally disgusting. Natalie Portman is my favorite too (tied with Audrey Hepburn) and I HATE Celion Dion, she's just annoying. And I have plans for everything...even when I was little I would plan out what I'd do if someone stole my mom's car with me in the backseat (at that time it was take a picture with one of the disposable cameras that were always randomly in her car and somehow throw it out the window so they could identify the kidnappers...looking back it probably wouldn't have worked...) and I spend all my free time plannig trips! Everyone at work makes fun of me because I am always writing lists of plans. Maybe genes have more of a say in what we're like than I thought. Those are some pretty random similarities for cousins, especially the blowing the nose one.

  9. Chels I love it! You make me laugh so hard! Sorry girl you will always be a fashion queen you just have the nak but it doesn't mean you can't were sweats and still look amazing!!!

  10. i cant even tell you how bad i hate celine .... i seriously have gotten into major arguments with my family about it, i just cant stand anything about her!!!!! i love that you feel the same way. my family was trying to plan a girls trip to vegas a while back to go see her, and my response was HELL NO!!!!


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