Halloween Festivities...

posted on: 10.21.2008

wow- that is some awesome hair Tate! This weekend we tried our best to partake in all the Halloween festivities that are going on... some were better than others. Friday afternoon my parents, Brooke and I took Tate to Thanksgiving Point to the Scarecrow Festival. Yes, it was just Tate and 4 adults! She needs A LOT of attention apparently. She had a great time going through the bounce houses and even braved her 1st haunted house!

I am a bad mom? I got a kick out of watching her get layed out in the bounce house! The funniest part was that she didn't even care. She could barely get up by the time someone else would knock her over- and she loved it!

Like mother like daughter- I love that I have her "trained" to smile for pictures!

This picture was taken on Saturday after a failed attempt to go apple picking. I wanted to do something "fall-ish" as a family, just the 3 of us. I researched online to find the most charming apple orchard that I could find. Tate loves apples and we have been to a u-pick orchard in Boston before and had such a good time. I had this vision that we'd drive up, see other cute families clad in Seersucker or plaid, happily picking apples from big beautiful colorful trees.

Yeah, not so much. Not only were there no other familes going apple picking, there was NO apples! All of the apples on the tiny 5ft. trees were spoiled and could not be picked. Scratch that idea. I guess we'll just have to go in Boston again.


  1. Let me know when you're going apple picking in Boston. I would love to come!

  2. I had my hopes up about the apple picking for you. Darn. And, I am a long time fan of the scarecrow festival. Glad you all had fun.

  3. I love every minute of your vision for apple picking - especially the seersucker and plaid. :) Sorry that it didn't live up to the expectation. It really was a great, idea, though. Too bad we're a little ghetto here in the U-T.

    Sounds like it was a fun weekend.

  4. I heard that the Thanksgiving Point Scarecrow Festival was so fun. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Congrats to Wyatt and I am so excited for you guys, that sounds like such an awesome adventure! You are so cute Chels and like always it was fun to see ya the other night. Lars

  5. so fun...we went to the scarecrow fest mon

  6. You didn't see us??? We must have just missed you. We were the family of girls dressed in seersucker, Ryan in plaid, picking apples. Sorry, we picked them ALL! I love Fall!

  7. Chels you guys are so cute. I love that Tate loved getting knocked over in the bounce house. I remember loving that as well. Also in reference to your previous post... CONGRATULATIONS to Wyatt!! That's so exciting, but when would you guys move :(

  8. It looks like you guys had a fun weekend! We missed you and wish you were with us on Friday night. We miss you guys...hope all is going well~


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