Conratulations Dru & Tyler

posted on: 10.13.2008

We had such a fun weekend celebrating Wyatt's sister and one of my dear friend Dru's wedding. She married Tyler Powers and we are so thrilled he is now in the family! We love both of them so much and it was such a beautiful day. Instead of the traditional wedding and reception, they decided to keep most the money and just have a relaxed dinner with family after the ceremony. It was a perfect, relaxed night. So fun to be able to sit & chat with the new couple and not have to run around all night.

The grandkids- Cole, Dave, Will, Jackson, Nora, Tess... and Tate (not wanting to participate in the love fest)

Dru & Tyler with her parents... I wish I had a better picture of her dress. It was AMAZING & made by Pat. Yes, I know she should seriously go on Project Runway.

Eve, Dori, Andrea, Dru, me, Maddie, and Erin. Dru looked absolutely gorgeous, she was a perfect bride!

there's a better picture of the dress- well, sort of

Tate and her favorite buddy- uncle Nate. She is SO SO happy to be with him she is screaming!

Dinner after the ceremony was at Cucina Toscana- it was fabulous and fun to relax and leave more than stuffed!

We love you guys and can't wait to see you soon!


  1. Her dress is fabulous. If I could do it over again, I would not dress in a big frilly frock. It would be classic 1920's with a fishnet hairpiece that went over my face. Then I would do away with the big old reception and have a small classy dinner. I wish I could go back 6 years...

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  3. Love that "Tylerdru" as Londee calls them. We are excited for Thursday!!

  4. Ledah was telling me about her dress & her master seamtress of a mother! I knew you'd be posting soon & I was so excited to see the results! She looks beautiful! And of course...your little family looks so good too! Can't wait to seee you tomorrow?! MUAH!


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