Why are you letting me down?

posted on: 9.11.2008

It's no secret that I love my Harmons (see previous posts). It's my grocery store of choice and I go there at least 3 times a week.
Tonight, however, I was deeply deeply disappointed. Let me set the scene for you...
It's 10pm. I'm just making it to the store, and I have a lot to buy. I'm exhausted and totally not in the mood to shop. I don't rush though, I take my time- browsing through magazines on my way, checking out the "au naturale" section. I have my list ready- complete with all ingredients necessary for next weeks dinner. I'm near the end of my trip and there are 2 stubborn items that seem to be hidden. I've spent 10 minutes looking on my own. Time to ask for help.
This is how it went...
me- um... excuse me, can you help me find a couple things?
jenny ( a short angry red-faced woman who wears a "customer service manager" nametag)... yeah, what.
me- I can't seem to find any cilantro or orzo.
jenny- WHAT? (with the most disgusted face)
me- the o-r-z-o
jenny- what is THAT! (again, completey disgusted)
me- it's sort of like rice?
jenny- well, probably on the rice isle then
me- um, well I already looked up & down that isle and I didn't see it
jenny- well, it's probably only at Whole Foods or someplace
me- (trying not to sound like a brat), no- I've seen it here before, but I can't remember where?
jenny- (ignoring the whole orzo thing all together) what was the other thing you needed?
me- some cilantro
jenny- it's with the vegetables (pointing in that direction)
me- I know it's a vegetable and I've looked over there- are you out?
jenny- probably, if you didn't see it
me- well, can you ask your produce guy to meet me over there so I can double check
jenny- (looking at her watch as if I'm a complete jerk for even asking)
he's gone home already
me- (sick of prodding her for help) okay, could I have some help finding the Orzo then?
jenny- (walks away without saying anything & comes back about 2 minutes later).... it's on the pasta isle... if we have any- (walks away)
Are you kidding me? Aren't you the "customer service manager"?! Give me a freakin break for actually needing some customer service.
ps- I did find the Cilantro & Orzo on my own... after another 10 minutes of searching


  1. I have started complaining when these things happen. Especially after working at Nordstrom where customer service comes first, I get really annoyed when I don't get the service I feel I deserve especially when I am spending a lot of money and I am a frequent customer. I would send them an email if I were you, they probably have a link on their website that you can send comments, and tell them the whole story. Yesterday Stella and I decided to try out a new restaurant by our house that is aparently really good. They have a drive through, which was good because I was in my gym clothes with red clogs on because I was running late to pick up Stella from school. Anywho, I sat at the drive through for 5 minutes and no one came. And then I went to the window and waited another five minutes and no one came. I was so annoyed, and I couldn't go in with my lovely outfit on, so I left. I called information and got their phone number and spoke with the manager and told him how I had just waited for 10 minutes to be served and he was so apologetic, he offered me a free gelato! Yay! So anyway, the point of my story is, that I would call if I were you or email and complain. As mothers and wives, we don't have time for that crap and we are so busy serving other people and taking care of everyone else, that we deserve to be taken care of when we need it.

    p.s. Have you seen the cute Halloween stuff Harmons has now? Super cute.

  2. FIrst of all, I'm proud of you for overcoming the "Dried white wine" incident, and again ask for help!! And super impressed with your ingredients,,,that being said, don't you just hate it when people are rude and unhelpful?!! It's not like you were keeping her there late or that her JOB wasn't CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

  3. WHAT!?!?!? Not at our Harmons??? Really? That is so unlike Bob & Randy!

  4. i would have been so MAD!! she needs to have that customer service name tag removed pronto!

  5. Very annoying! I wonder if Jenny is always like that or if she was just having a bad day.

    That reminds me of a time when Nate and I were at the airport and ran into a woman with similar customer sevice skills. Nate asked her if she was having a bad day and she said no. So Nate replied, "Hmm- So you're just always this rude?" It was one of the only times I've seen someone say the perfect thing at the right moment. And I must admit I busted up laughing.

  6. You best be bringing that baked ziti recipe for me too, chels!

  7. OMG---I can't believe that's a real story! Soooo frustrating!

  8. I totally know who you're talking about! She has fake nails; french mani, right? That might be part of her problem. She's been not-so-nice to me before, too! You should file a complaint.

  9. I hate when no one will help when you need it the most!!!! Your post on Tate is darling! She is growing up so fast! You are so good at documenting everything about her. I need to be better at that with Londyn because I know one day I will regret it! We need to get together again it's been too long! Call us!

  10. Chels you are hilarious... first of all I love the recent tate post, your commentary on the pics is so right on and it cracks me up. Also... hot-cocks? REALLY?? I was laughing so hard. Kids are hilarious.
    Second, your Harmons experience... that is top on my list of pet peeves when you can not find something that seems like it should be so easy (mine is always raisins and tomato paste) don't ask why. It drives me nuts though so I can totally sympathize!!

  11. I take it that is your sister's nursery on the babinski blog. So so so cute! I love it. I really like the L's. i just might have to steal that idea!

  12. Not at Harmons!!!! That's horrible.

  13. How dear. I can just hear that conversation all too well. sadly, I'm so use to horrible customer service back here... I'm always in shock at how nice everyone is in Utah... but obviously not at the Harmons! =) p.s. I can't STAND when I can't find something I need in the grocery store. I usually leave without it... don't have as much patients as you do =)

  14. She must've been having an awful day--that is so out-of-character for Harmons employees. Nevertheless, you should definitely talk to the store manager. They would WANT to know about an incident such as this. They would likely be appalled. Maybe they'll throw in a few Harmons bucks too...with 3 visits a week it might be a nice thing to have! :) I too love them but I've noticed their prices are going higher and higher. I can find some things at Liberty Heights Fresh these days for less than what Harmons charges. I never thought I'd see that day!

    P.S. Your new tatertot clips are SO adorable!!


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