"kickbacks", highschool style

posted on: 9.01.2008

Okay, so I know I'm a week late and I don't plan on doing this every week (unless I feel really "inspired"). But this week's episode had too many funny lines not to discuss. Don't you think?
-"time to get in bed and cuddle my dear"... said by the jerk of the year Spencer, right after he insults Heidi! What a PIG. How could any girl with any self respect be with him? I guess that's the point though, she doesn't.

- Since when did girls in their 20's wear "friendship" bracelets. Not to be a total hater, but that is really cheesy. Especially since one of them was for Stephanie who she's known for what- 6 months?!

-laurens hair... I'm loving the loose curls and braids! So much better than stick straight.
-alex... pretty hot, but really really annoying voice. Are you sure you want to listen to that all night Whitney?
... yours truly, chelsea


  1. I loved this episode!! I'm loving how Audrina is finally being bratty to Lo. I hate Lo!! I think she's such a wench. I'm glad they are showing Whitney a lot in this season so far!

  2. I guess I'll throw away the friendship bracelet I was planning on giving you when we moved, then. lol.

  3. Creepiest thing i have ever heard when spencer said that!

  4. i cant believe how lo has turned into, or we are finally seeing it, a total brat!! and i still hate spencer. If i have to see him and heidi on one more access hollywood, ellen, enews, etc. im gonna throw up!!!!

  5. I love all the braids too! I've been rockin' so many of them & I love it! Yeah for braids! & I'm w/ Jen...what IS Lo turning into? I swear if I see her, I'm gonna smack her upside the head! Are you kiddin' me...you don't getta act like that! Oh and the f.braclets...what the?! I think it was for show!Lets be honest, who really does that?! I was LoL hard!


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