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posted on: 9.29.2008

Obviously we are dancers. What, you can't tell from this picture?! We had such a good time at the SYTYCD concert this year! It's my first time going and I'm already looking forward to next year. I went with Wyatt's sisters and mom and to quote Eve "it changed my life". It was one of the funnest (I know that's not a word) nights I've ever had! Even though the music could have been half as loud, it was such a blast.
I know Joshua is kinda gross- but I LOVE him. His solo was boring, but all the dances he did with Katee seemed to be my favorite. Courtney- not a good technical dancer, but entertaining. Especially in the "garden" dance- loved it!

remember this cheesy all boys dance choreographed by Nigel? gross.

Gev stole the show in my opinion. All his dumb jokes were cracking me up! And his solo was seriously Bad A.

Was I the only one who liked the whole Bollywood thing? I found it so entertaining and cool.

Oh, and just wanted to throw these in the mix too... here is Wyatt and his new hair stylist Tess. She is amazing and totally shows me up.

We do a babysitting swap with Wyatt's sister Erin and her husband Nate. It's worked out well, and so far we've had some interesting nights with the Meeker kids. Last time we babysat at their house and Tess was playing hairdresser. She brushed Wyatt's hair, curled it, sprayed it, put cream in it, and put "pinch" in it. (whatever that is?)

He was such a high maintenance client- telling her he wanted more curls and spray!

At least he was a good tipper, right Tess?

After Wyatt was looking pretty, Tess started in on me. I got some sweet green and pink braids and lots and lots of spray.

Thanks Tess!


  1. So many things to say for SYTYCD! I'm still sad I couldn't come. But anyway. . . here are my comments:

    a. I also LOVED Bollywood and wish I could have seen it again!
    b. The Garden dance = so fab
    c. Joshua is gross, but really great
    d. I'm so glad you said funner! I just wish the stupid girl who chastized me for using the word knew how many people thought she was an idiot for making such a comment.
    e. I already miss you in Primary. Thanks so much for getting a sub.
    f. Let's go to the zoo. I'll call you tomorrow.

    Love you!

  2. Thanks for being a part of the best night I've had in a long time. And Tess...lets just say you guys look hot. See you later!

  3. honestly how good was that concert?!? i thoroughly enjoyed it! maybe next year we can actually all go together so i don't have to sit by a certain boy that just doesn't appreciate it quite like me. he'd probably really like that as well :)!

  4. Okay so now I am kind of sad that I didn't go to SYTYCD. Next year for sure. And the pics of Tess are great. You guys are such good sports! No wonder she gets so excited when it's your night to come babysit!

  5. We got home from NYC just 1 day late! I was so bummed I didn't get to go to this, especially know seeing your pics!

  6. hey, i just wanted to say a quick congrats to your cute dad and his bishopric calling! i was sitting about eight or so rows behind you yesterday and was going to say hi after, but had to leave early to give winston a nap. i'll miss seeing your darling mom at relief society activities...i love her!

  7. I tagged you!! Make sure to post 6 random facts about yourself (if you don't want to do it I won't be offended)

  8. CHELS!!!!

    So much to say!!

    First of all. You got released? I had no idea & I am so sad. I am sure it is a much needed break for you, but holy cow, what a loss. I will miss seeing you in Primary so much. :(

    We are moving soon--Nov. 1, probably, and I am so sad to be leaving all 2 of my friends! Look how long it took me to get this far (and I haven't even gotten very far)..At the rate I am going, I am not going to make a single friend in the new ward for like 4 yrs. I hope you'll keep in touch, I will miss you dearly.

    Also, I am so jealous you went to SYTYCD- I would have died. It looked like so much fun & I am obsessed with that show. Speaking of shows are you watching Gossip Girl, 90210, The Hills??? There is so much trash on TV right now I am loving it.

    Oh, and I about died when I saw the yellow jacket G got me. Holy cow-it was a prized piece. He picked it up from whimsy. Thx for appreciated what a big deal that was!

    I am going to hunt you down in the halls next week at church- It's been too long.


  9. i didn't realize eve tagged you....welp, so did i.


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