Thanks Tyler!

posted on: 8.19.2008

"doo" and Tate

Wyatt getting some air despite the unfavorable water conditions... cold & super choppy. Go Wy! Tate loved watching him.

For Tyler's Birthday he took us all boating! j/k- but he & Brian were nice enough to take all us Horsley's up to the lake on Saturday and it was such a fun time! If you know me really well, you know I LOVE boating. I grew up on a boat and so it's really sentimental to me (you think I'm kidding). My dad sold our boat when us "kids" got older- in college, and I've been depressed ever since. I'm serious dad. So, I was THRILLED to spend my Saturday boating. I couldn't wait to take Tate too! You know, teach her how to slolom ski and take her for some wicked tube rides!

She loved to honk the horn, dip her feet in the water, and look over the edge.

This is quite a site... and a feat! All 4 Meeker kids as well as Nate and Matt all on one tube! Hilarious site if you ask me. I'm shocked they didn't get stopped by the ranger.

Such a daddy's girl

One the way home- up since 7am, no nap, no lunch and in the sun all day = a tired baby!

Thanks SO SO much Tyler & Brian for making it such a great day!


  1. how fun...tate is so cute!!

  2. I totally echo your boating sentiments. I grew up boating too and, though my Dad didn't sell our boat, we just haven't been out on it forever (it's in St. George). I miss it so much and am always jealous of all our fellow bloggers' boating excursions (yours included). :)

    Love your cute family.

  3. How fun is that...Tate's swimming suit is so darling. I hear you about the boating we barley talked my Dad into getting a boat again, just keep working on Antone, maybe he'll come around!

  4. FUN!!! I'm excited to see you guys in Sun Valley!

  5. I'm so sad...we haven't been boating all year b/c Andrew's dad sold the boat! Tate looks a lot like Dru in that pic for some reason too?! They're both darling so no worries there! & the Hills...hate you Lo! Wow, she has some serious making up to do in my book! ;) I would love to do a Monday thing...lets get some girls together!

  6. Hey- somehow I totally missed this post before Sun Valley. Great pics. I love the one of Wy flying through the air. So great. Next time we'll have to spend some time together on the same boat!


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