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posted on: 8.14.2008

Thanks for all your yummy recipes! I can't wait to try all of them. It's actually making me somewhat excited to cook. wow. This week I'm trying Annie's Peanut Pasta, Erin's Pesto Pizza, and Chelsea's Green Chile Chicken. Can't wait, they all sound so good. I'm sure Wyatt and Tate will be thrilled to have something new! ps- sorry for the boring posts lately, hopefully I'll have something interesting to post soon- hopefully!


  1. Sorry, I wish I could contribute with my mad cooking skills and recipes....I just don't have any!

  2. OH MY HECK! I tried Chelsea's Brown Sugar Chicken, and can I just say it was tooooo DIE for! I LA LA LOVED IT! Seriously it was amazing.

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  4. Sorry, I saw a typo I could not live with. Anyway, check out They have great ideas that are super easy. They also have some fun meal options for kids.

    Also, THANK YOU so much for your fabulous ideas for our Elder's Quorum BBQ. It was a hit. You really should write a book. I would go on the promo tour with you!!!

  5. You cook all of them at 350.

  6. I wish I could have helped you out in this area...but since I just barely got married I need ideas for dinner as well. Thanks so much for doing this!! I loved reading all of the new recipes and am planning on trying many of them myself. See you soon!!


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