Sun Valley

posted on: 8.27.2008

We just got back from a fab time up in Sun Valley with the Horsley's. It was a much needed break for us, and we had a great time just relaxing and spending time together with the family. I went to Sun Valley a lot growing up with my family and I don't think I appreciated it as much as I do now. It's such a glorious place- cool weather, gorgeous scenery, charming towns and friendly people (well except for the onry german gals at the deli). I can't wait to go back!

Riding Bikes...

after loading both our bikes on the roof of the car and hauling them 6 hours to Sun Valley using a diaper to keep them from scratching we ended up forgetting my tire bolt (necessary to me riding it) and Wyatt's seat was broken! arrggghh. In the end, Wyatt rode with a broken seat and I got to rent a cool Cruiser- sweet!

Swimming... a daily or twice daily activity

The Meeker kids decked out in their swim gear- so entertaining!

Tate hasn't quite figured out that jumping off the edge is fun- so she just walks off the edge!

Nora and her string bean legs- she's 2 1/2 and weighs about 22 pounds! It was hilarious to watch her jump off the edge in her flippers that were bigger than she was!

The triplets and SuperMom Erin

Cute Davie and his hot pink lifejacket! Tate loved following around Dave on this trip. He was sweet except for when she was poopy, then he would very discustedly say " Tate is SO gross"!

Paddle Boats...

exhausting, but fun- sorry you guys all lost the race!

The newly engaged couple having a romantic boating experience- Dru, you look so happy!

Tate's favorite buddy Tess

Horseback Riding....

Dori on UgBug, Dru on Sisero, Tyler on Budweiser, and me on Oreo.
I've decided that when we're loaded I want my own horse! I don't care if Wyatt doesn't like to ride, I'll go by myself.

Girls Dinner and a movie- Maddie, I won't put GNO just for you! After the boys ALL DAY golf extravaganza we decided to take a night for ourselves. We went to dinner and then to see- hold your breath... "House Bunny"! Which was absolutely hilarious- trashy but so hilarious- and one of my favorite movies!!! don't judge. Don't Judge. Just go see it and you'll know what I'm talking about. You have to go with a bunch a girls though so you can all get laughing together.

Ice Skating...

Tate LOVED the ice rink. She loved feeling how cold it was and loved walking around on it and just falling down? She would just giggle every time she slipped and get right back up to do it again.

Game nights and Movie nights...We played this funny/cheesy game called Life Stories. It ended up being really fun and we learned some interesting things about eachother... like what Matt Crane is really like. Good idea Nate. Next time we'll play "Wits and Giggles".

On one of our lazy nights we rented " The Diving Bell & the Butterfly"- much classier than House Bunny and wonderfully creative! I loved it so much, so please go rent it! The title is so random and makes it sound like some weird kid movie. It's about the Editor of Elle Magazine who gets locked-in syndrome. It's based on a true story and it's so beautiful.

Had to throw this one in- random Dave watching Harry Potter and eating 20 strawberries. He wouldn't let me get him a plate. He said he wanted to "make" the strawberries himself. 5 minutes later I see his plate FULL of whole strawberries. So so funny. I love you Davie!

Thanks SO much Pat and Rolfe- we had a wonderful time!


  1. Chelsea! Guess who!?! Oh, I just love blog stalking random people. I just found you by blog surfing my little heart out just now. I'm going to give you one clue, "Fyee-in-the-air!"

  2. Sun Valley was a blast!! Many funny, weird moments. It was good to see you guys! I'm so glad I was finally able to bond with Tate!!

  3. looks so fun...its so beautiful there

  4. You just made me realize how much I miss Sun Valley!! Next summer maybe??? Cute any of you take a bad picture?

  5. honestly lets all go back this weekend! i just love that place. fun pics chels!! so many adorable ones of taters and that one of nora......priceless!!

  6. Wow what a fun vacation!!! I love sun valley, it is so fun to see all the fun things you guys did! Gotta love the ice rink, I didn't realize they had it open all year, how much fun!

  7. Such cute pictures! Don't worry- I won't judge you about "House Bunny" b/c it was seriously hysterical. And anyone who says differently is a big fat liar. Love you! Maybe we should get together one of these nights and play wits and wagers...

  8. I have got to get my butt there...I know so many people that love it! It looks like you had so much fun! & Tate...she is so precious! Well what a fun group you married in to! Hope to see you sooner than later!

  9. Your little girl is MODEL material! She is so Adorable

  10. Oh I loooove sun valley! One day when we are loaded too I think we should buy a place together and go often!!! That condo you show I think is the exact one we stayed in when we went a month ago! Crazy!!!! It looks like you guys had fun. You definitely documented the trip much better than I did...hence I haven't even put them on my blog yet!

  11. So so so so much fun. I love Sun Valley! I am so glad you called and stopped by. You are so sweet and i love seeing that Tate. Thanks again for the darling outfit! I love it!

  12. Sun Valley looked amazing. We should have another big family trip up there. I love the pictures of Tate, she is adorable! It was good seeing you at Nordy's the other day. I wish we'd had a chance to catch up more. We need to plan a girls lunch soon!


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