Nie Nie Day

posted on: 8.28.2008

It's very possible you've read about the tragic accident that took place last weekend, it's been around the blogosphere all week. If you haven't, Stephanie and Christian Nielson of Nie Nie Dialogues (a fantastic and inspirational blog) were in a plane crash in Arizona. They are no longer trauma patients but are now burn patients in critical condition. They have a long and expansive recovery ahead of them and up to millions of dollars in medical bills.
Design Mom has officially declared August 28th to be Nie Nie Day. She, as well as blogs and people all over will be holding silent auctions with ALL proceeds going to the Stephanie and Christian Paypal fund. Tangled and True is joining in the efforts and will be hosting a silent auction with all proceeds going to help this amazing family. They will have tons of amazing products including a summer bundle of {tatertots}. That means 6 small hairclips of your choice! Of course, it's an auction- not a giveaway. But, if you've been wanting some clips this is a GREAT way to get them and help out! I know with birthday's and Christmas coming up I will be needing some good gifts- you'll surely find me bidding on some items. I can't help but want to help- I can't even begin to imagine what a trial of this degree would feel like. If you haven't read about the Nielson family please visit their sister Stephanie's blog here.
Don't forget to go to Tangled and True and bid away! The auction ends Sunday night at midnight.


  1. Wow- how sad! I will definitely visit Tangled and True tomorrow and bid on something. Hopefully I can win the tatertots!

  2. I can't stop thinking of this sad tragedy. I keep thinking what if that happened to me. I can't wait to see all the amazing things up for auction tomorrow throughout the blogosphere.

  3. oh darn it...that is so sad, I havent heard of that blog...but still so sad. I was checking in on you because I Love your tatertots so much. I never order them, pretty much because I LOVE them all I dont know how I could ever choose a couple...maybe in utah when Im there again (who knows when) I can come and look at them and magically decide on some. Anyway, saw this in chasing fireflies and thought...YOU could make this (since you have a knack for cutting out felt) Love it, what do you think? You dont have to publish this long comment if you dont want!

  4. My sister-in-law's friends sister had her one year old girl drown in their pool in June. On her blog, she talks about this same family that's on yours. Her blog is I sobbed reading the whole story. It's so sad. And not to change the subject too much :) I found another blog with tons of good recipies. It's And lastly, we've made Chelsea's brown sugar chicken twice in the last week. It's delicious!

  5. Why are we up so late blogging? Two peas in a pod? Or peas on a couch?


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