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posted on: 9.03.2008

Copping attitude already. Here she is voluntarily doing her "cheese" face when she sees the camera, but acting so preturbed with me for taking her picture. Can't you just picture her thinking "geez mom, hurry up". She looks so old in this picture.

Her first time going down the slide by herself! She closes her eyes all the way down, but is always so proud of herself!

Yikes! That is some nasty morning hair. I love how ticked she looks in this picture. " Stop taking pictures mom and get me out of this damn crib"!

Just wanted to post some funny things Tate is into right now so I don't forget. She has got to be one of the most quirky children I've ever known... and I love it! She keeps me busy, but laughing all day. I hope she always makes me laugh like this.

Favorite Foods- berries of any kind, spinach & kale pirate's booty( so so weird, I know), green beans and cookies, oh and hot dogs- or "hot cocks" as she calls them!! I swear we never taught her that.
Favorite Toys... her "bocks" aka blocks, her wooden stacker, and anything outside that she can push or ride in
Favorite People... her dad (completey a daddy's girl- no competition there), Nate, and her grandparents
Favorite outfit... her fleece footie pj's (how cute is that), she'll go and get them out of the dirty laundry every time they are in there.
Funny Words... daddy (da-die), dog (gog), bird (buh), hotdog (hotcock), oh my, juice (goo-goo), binky (binkoo), thank you (dink-coo)
Favorite things to do... buckle things, anything from her shoes to her carseat to the stroller. If it has a buckle, she wants to do it. Watch the Wiggles- yes those creepy 40yr. old men! She has taken quite the liking to them and HAS to watch them every morning. If I won't put it in, she just drags the chair over from the kitchen and grabs it herself! Going on "waks" aka walks. When daddy gets home she knows it's time to eat and then she always hits us up for a walk. First she'll go and get her shoes. Then she'll even go and get our shoes, the correct ones every time, and bring them to us. It's hard to say no. Reading- she will sit in her room all alone for 30 minutes or so and just look through all her books. She points to all the pictures and makes up words for them. It's the cutest thing to watch. Putting makeup on daddy- every morning when it's just her and dad up she gets into my makeup bag, gets out the blush brush and puts "blush" on Wyatt's face. This morning he was gone, and she had the brush in her hand asking for him! Getting into the wipes- this must be a milestone kids have to go through. At least once a day she'll have the wipes out. She knows what to do with them too- she'll either pretend to wipe herself, wipe the floor, wipe her face, blow her nose. She sees me use them for everything and she's copied me. I must admit the morning when she pulled ALL of them out and was cleaning the floor I couldn't help but laugh. It was so cute. She also loves pictures. At least once a day she'll pull down a framed picture I have on my table of Wyatt and look at it. It doesn't matter where we are, she loves to look at their pictures.
She loves... her blankie, her "binkoo" aka binky, babies, Ella, my glasses, the garbage truck, the camera, spinning with Wyatt on the floor, papa & grandma, cows, birds, slides, when Wyatt comes home, dogs, shoes, the wiggles, grandma's lipgloss and lotion, and being outside.
I'm sure this post is all a little overboard to everyone else but my family. I just can't forget these things and let's be honest I love talking about her. She's a doll.


  1. I am loving this stage too! It must be the age, but our little ladies are into all the same things...especially the BUCKLES! Oh my. And dads. Tate does look so old, but lets be honest, they are! They are growing up so fast. I guess we need to start planning when we are going to have our next ones and what sex they'll be. Oh, and what is Tate going to be for Halloween...we'll probably telepathically pick the same thing anyway. :)(I've already got Finns...can you guess what it is! JK)

  2. Oh Taters. Cutest. Kid. Ever. I love the picture of her bedhead in the crib. What a fun post! so fun to read all about her. (And yes, she does love Nate. How does he have that effect on kids?? It must come with the pediatric training...) You guys are SUCH an adorable family!!!!

  3. I love little Tate! She really is so funny. We have grown a little bond and I'm really happy about it. It was fun to read about all of her cute/weird habits!! Way to go on having a super family you guys!!

  4. love it! she is the most entertaining child in the world. i'm just hoping to make the favorite people list one day. i guess i need to be a man or grandma though to make it! :)

  5. i love that list...her and ky are so much alike!! love it

  6. I love me some Tate!! She is ridiculously cute,funny,sweet and
    quirky! (I don't know how to change my google name:)Oh well! It's Mom, not Tony!)


  8. what a great post, chels! could she be any cuter? i want to eat her. i loved it when she took my hand randomly at church to help her walk down the steps...what a social butterfly! she is a doll, and so are you!

  9. I can't believe how big she is getting! Tate is so darling. I love that she calls hot dogs, hot cocks. That is the funniest thing I have ever heard, I am laughing out loud right now. When stella was about that age, she would say "fire truck" as "fire fruck". Say that out loud. People thought we were teaching our child the "F" word.

  10. She could not be any cuter! I LOVE that first pic! SO cute!

  11. So fun to read all these things about Tate- she's the best. And ps I love the new header of your blog! Very cute.

  12. It looks like you have your hands full! It is a good thing she is so cute! Yeah, so random we did move into your neighborhood about three months ago. I live on Hartford street. We should get Josh and she together, so they can really cause trouble!

  13. Why are you so cute? ...and could Tate be any cuter? I love your blog.

  14. I want her to be "my Tate," too...geez she is darling! You guys are gonna have so much trouble waiting! ;) Can I just say that I love that all kids sound Asian when they are first speaking, it's hilarious!


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