1 for the money, 2 for the show...

posted on: 8.04.2008

Why is Lagoon so fun?! We had such a blast at Lagoon with the Greens on Friday. Best people watching, best food, and BEST rides!! We were like kids running from each ride to make sure we got in all we could. I even got so excited about making it on the Spider twice that I threw a few fist pumps in there. If you don't know what that is, just ask me and I'd be happy to show you :) It's something you do only when the circumstance is perfect... which it was.

Josh and Dani just about to take off on "The Rollercoaster" aka White Rollercoaster

I was just as terrified to ride the white rollercoaster (or the rollercoaster as the conductor boringly called it). It's so shaky and jerky.... still so fun though!

I promise I'm not a sweaty beast in this picture- we just got off the log ride and of course I got soaked!

See... soaked. This picture was quite the funny experience. First of all, we asked a super weird looking old man to take our picture, we should have known. We also asked him to get the ride in background. Well, he INSISTED on waiting to take the picture until the log was actually coming down the drop in the background. So we waited, and waited... and waited. Seriously I think about 5 minutes of standing their smiling. Incredibly awkward. All while he's saying random things like- 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready and go log go?!! More awkwardness. Right before he took it, he made us say " SPLASH" for the camera. Except I thought he said "SQUASH", so I yelled Squash! I thought it was really random that he wanted us to yell squash, but he was so weird I didn't put it past him.

Oh yeah, and after all that waiting and yelling squash the poor guy left Wyatt out of the picture anyway!

Baby Lucca's Shower

My mom and aunts threw a shower/ slammin party for my sister Heather and her baby Lucca. It was fun to see family and see all the cute gifts Heather got. Now, I am jealous- I want a little boy!
Britt, Annie, Amber w/Gracie and Boo enjoying brunch in my parents backyard My mom, aka mini martha, did a fabulous job decorating the tables and making sure everything coordinated! people say that little's boys clothes aren't as cute- I disagree. Lucca got some darling little rompers!

Heath and Grams

Get used to it Heath!

Giving baby Lucca some love

We were so happy that my aunt Marge could make it out for the shower- she came all the way from Sheboygan Wisconsin! It was great to see you Margy! Give little Kip a hug for me.

This was our "couple" picture- we're thinking it would make a great Christmas card?

Thanks Ton-Loc for supplying the goods!

Frandsen gals- post party
See you soon Heath!! xo


  1. chels so funny!!!! You still got the saying wrong LOL!!!! He said one for the money , two for the show, three to get ready and go log go!!!!! You are hilarious....it just makes the story that much better! SQUASH!!!!!!!! Lagoon 2008 was the best hopefully Lagoon 2009 is just as fun!!!!

  2. Okay I am cracking up at the old man and the SQUASH story. And then he left Wy out of the picture. That is hysterical. I haven't been to Lagoon (for myself) in years...like maybe 10...you've inspired me to want to go again. And I love the pics of the shower. When is Heather due?? She's such a cute pregnant person!

  3. what a darling shower! i love it. i'm so jealous you went to lagoon!! ty and i have wanted to go all summer and i think this might motivate us to actually do it!!

  4. Lagoon! I'm so jealous. That's one of my favorite summer activities of all time. I think the spider and the samurai are my favorite rides so I'm glad you got to go on the spider twice. That shower looks fabulous. Very classy. I didn't even know your sister was pregnant! The worst sister-in-law. That's so exciting!! I'm excited to see you, Wy, and Tate soon!! Only two weeks!

  5. lagoon looked so fun...and the baby shower looked so cute and your mom did a great job on decorating it!! so fun

  6. I so need to go to Lagoon! What a blast! My stomach is so weak though I'd probably barf on someone! ;) Please will you send that picture out for a Christmas card...it would be classic! Ok and see this is why you need to come over...look @ your Momma's skills! I know you have it in you too! When are we getting together again?!

  7. Doesn't get much better than the people watching at Lagoon. The Lagoon crowd would love an invite to your dinner of waffles and hot dogs. :) And, your mom really is Martha Steward. What an awesome shower. You girls are so cute. And, you look like an Anthro model.

  8. haha I LOVE aunt Marge...that is so funny! The shower really was so fun, I was sad I had to leave early for stupid work :( I'm so excited for another little one to add to the Frandsen gang! PS Lagoon looks amazing. I need to get up there soon! I love the old man story

  9. I have been wanting to go to lagoon all summer now i really want to go looks like fun!

  10. That is the funniest story about the old guy taking your picture at the log ride...love the squash! It is so fun to see pics of your family and congratulations to Heather. Let's be honest I freaking love your family, the shower for Heather looked darling!


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