Wedding Portraits

posted on: 7.31.2008

Such a great idea today on Paprika. If only I would have thought of this 4 years ago!
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  1. honestly how cool! too bad i'm not really having a wedding or else i'd do this.......although i'm sure it's quite pricey!

  2. I know Sammy through my husband's sister Mary. They are really good friends. And back in the day we used to watch 24 with them. She also cuts my husband's hair. I don't think there are any Moffats at East. Maybe cousins? I'm not sure. Daniel's family all went to Olympus. That's where I met Daniel. Anyway, we'll have to make a time to come see your cute house!

  3. Chelsea I found your blog from Star Taylor's (lapoint) Holy cow little Tate is so dang cute...she looks just like you. It is so fun to see your family and all the fun things you have been up to! P.S I love the clips, I'm going to have to get some for my little one!

  4. Dude Chels I for sure think you should go get your copy today!! Especially before anyone gives you ideas . . . or clues. I am not saying anything! You will be hooked until you finish though. That is why I had to go away. I so get enthralled.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog... and wanted to let you know that this is a fabulous idea!



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