Hitler, New Shoes & Sleeping

posted on: 7.15.2008

Don't you just love Tate's little Hitler mustache?! Poor Tate took a bad fall on the cement on Sunday and ended up with this awful mustache scab... and chipped her front tooth!! I couldn't care less about the scab- it'll heal, but I'm so bummed about her tooth. You better believe I'm taking her to the dentist to see what he can do about fixing it!
The classic kid picture... her new favorite thing this week is walking around in our shoes. She will sit by our shoe basket all day and try on several pairs. She especially loves the flip flops! This is how much Tate enjoyed our bike ride tonight... she fell asleep in her bike seat! She was on Wyatt's bike, so he couldn't see her that well. But I was riding beside and noticed her head was bobbing all over the place, what is she doing? I got closer and realized she was totally asleep. I have no idea how she stayed asleep over all the bumps, but she did?!
Out cold Just thought I'd throw this one in too. Whenever Wyatt sits down to play Tate climbs up and wants to play too. I love how she sits straight up just like you're supposed to. I hope she'll want to play still in 5 years?


  1. Oh poor little Tate! She is still so so so cute with her little stash! I love that you guys have a bike seat for her! I told Josh the other night we need to get something so we can go bike riding with the baby! Chels I will leave my favorite memory....well I have to think about it for a bit and compile all of our good laughs. I 'll get back to you!

  2. seriously the hitler stache! so sad about that. i love the biking pics. those are priceless. you know pats going to want copies of those!! um when are you guys available to go boating? i'm thinking next week one night.

  3. Hilde Hitler! Is that even the right word they use? I do not speak German well!

    Ok the dentist was fab. He counted her teeth and checked for cavities and gave her a toothbrush and toy! I have the info if you want it. I do not know how much it will cost, they were billing our insurance first and then us, but so worth it. They are all so nice there! He said to wait out London's tooth, but made sure there was no decay!

  4. Poor little thing!! I bet she still cries harder when Mom puts her down than when she busted her tooth :) She's still a doll though.

  5. I totally saw you guys out riding your bikes last night. So cute! I love the Horsley's! So sorry about Tate's little tooth!

  6. It was so good to meet you Tate! I'm so glad you don't live up to the Hitler stache...you are so darling & didn't order me around once! ;)

    p.s. don't forget about the memories post...

  7. No Hitler ever looked cuter. She's still a doll! And remember- toddlerhood isn't complete until you've mangled your face at least once.

  8. she is so dang cute- amazing posture for sure. thanks for coming the other night- so fun to see you!


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