Good Friends

posted on: 7.22.2008

I had a great night last night! We celebrated Cassi's upcoming baby boy with a shower at the Dodo. What's better than chatting with good friends over good food. There was lots of catching up, reminiscing, and laughing!

Dani and Nat aren't being vain here... they were just the only ones who would look at me for the pic. I love baby Mckay's belly in the background though!

Cass and Sar- you'd never even Cass was pregnant from this picture, or that Sarah just barely had a baby 3 weeks ago!

the best pic I got of Cassi's belly... and of her cute gifts

After we ate, we just sat and chatted for a good hour! It's always so fun to catch up, reminisce, and laugh too much! The party didn't end there though... me, Cass, Dani, Nat and Christine ended up taking the party into the parking lot for another hour or so! Aren't we so crazy?! We just couldn't part. It was like old times again and we were having too much fun. The party ended when someone got a little sick :( hehe, and our hubby's started to call to make sure we were okay!

Thanks for such a fun night gals!! Congrats Cass and Jo!
We also had a great weekend with friends too- Foil dinners, s'mores, and funny stories around the campfire. I'm loving this whole "dinner group" thing! Bobby it was so good to see you- we wish you lived here!
the girls... danielle, anne, me, tiffany, caroline, rachel and emily
Thanks for planning a great night Prince's!


  1. Chels I had so much fun last night! We need to have girls night more often! Honestly I probably could've stayed there for atleast another hour!!!

  2. Way cute pics! I miss all those girls! That's so fun that you guys all get together. I love the sugarhouse area. We were the same way with the size of our house, but it has character for sure!

  3. Your hair is getting so long! Love that picture of you and Wyatt. You're beautiful.

  4. You are so cute! Tate, of course, is darling. You always have her dressed so cute. It makes me want a girl. I have a hard time finding cute boy clothes that aren't ridiculously expensive. So most of the time we end up with the usual stripe or solid. It's either that or a disney, sesame street, or Thomas the Train character. And we are just not in to those :) ANYWAY, the pool we went to was just Cottonwood Heights. We usually go after 5pm when there's less people and less splashing. And lastly, if you don't think we're too sister and I would really like to see your house sometime. It looks super cute from what I've seen from pictures! And this is the last thing, I promise. I was going to ask how you know Danielle? I went to Elementary with her, it was just fun to see her pictures. And Kristine Anderson? The girl in those baby shower pictures? I was in Senate with her in high school. Okay, I'm stopping :)

  5. Ok first off, I didn't realize you were friends with Sarah Kirkham (I guess it's metcalf now huh?) Isn't she the cutest! 2nd, love the professional shot of you and Wyatt! Was that one of Brian's works of art?

  6. I finally found your blog through Holli Yoho's. Tate is just the cutest little thing, she keeps us entertained at church. ;)

  7. I feel bad I missed the shower :( It looked like fun, though, congrats Cass!


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